Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Promise Liqick Mask

For me I love trying new face mask. It my number one favorite skin care product to buy.
Recently I was lucky enough to be sent over a mask from Promise Cosmetics to try called Liquick.

Liquick is a quick 5 minute mask that helps to tighten pore, eliminate blackheads and pimples. I personally don't really get pimples so I love this for the fact that it helps to tighten my pore. This mask was super easy to use and I love that it came with the silicone sponge. It was so squishy I couldn't stop playing with it all day lol.With the sponge I needed to apply two coats for a even coverage.

This mask has Dead Sea Mud which exfoliates the skin and is also enriched with 21 unique minerals to provide a fresh glow to the skin. Along with the 21 mineral this mask also has Clary Sage Oil, Lavender Oil, Jojoba Oil and much more.  

I loved that the masked dried super fast and was so easy to remove there was no mess at all. I was able to remove it with cotton rounds and I didn't need to scrub at my skin to get the mask off. I did notice a nice little glow to the skin and a bit of my pore looked smaller. I feel like wit using this more over time I will see more of a change in my skin with my pores. Overall I see this as a mask I would add to my routine.

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