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Guest Post - From Silk Plants Direct

Leverage the Durability and Versatility of Faux Flowers, Today
Every business has its theme and message to convey, and landscaping plays a great part in denoting the quality and class of any professional setting. No matter, if it is city shopping mall or an art gallery interior, or a theme park, the interiors and exteriors of the places need to be decorated. But, corporate landscaping is different from residential and other landscaping projects. Corporate places need absolute perfection coupled with improving aesthetic quality for attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. Moreover, these should be cost-effective and have minimum maintenance requirement. Using live plants and flowers can be a brilliant idea for revamping any commercial space.

But, the live plants and flowers have their drawbacks. They fade, wilt, shade petals and also die. Including natural flowers and flowering plants, therefore, seem to be a hectic choice. For this reason, the present landscaping projects are based on the alternative way of using artificial silk trees, plants and flowers for corporate landscaping. These are so akin to their natural cousins that they turn out to be visually indistinguishable. The splash of colors of the artificial flowers and high-end artificial plants are able to create dramatically elegant indoors and outdoors at top class hotels & restaurants, reception desk & meeting rooms of the huge corporate houses, municipal buildings, exotic bars & casinos and can also liven up the bedside of a private hospital room. With their wide varieties, the tall silk flower arrangements can add a minimalist but enchanting ambiance for mesmerizing the customers. Further, the artificial flowers and flowering plants make a commercial space cool and tranquil for more productivity. Let’s have a look of the basics of the artificial flowers.
Lighting up the surrounding
Flowers can be used for every space and for every occasion. No matter where a person is heading to, a commercial setup adorned with flowers is sure to stop him and force him to have a glance. Blooming flowers have the ability to light up the surroundings and whether you include tropical artificial flower arrangements or other artificial flowers for your commercial or residential exteriors or interiors, those are sure to cause a great first impression for creating a buzz about your place.
Great for enhancing mood
An elevated mood stands at the base of any successful profession. Among all the gifts of nature flower is the best, as it can change the vibe and ambiance of any commercial space. Whether it is posh restaurant, a corporate negotiation table or hospital reception, flowers can enliven the space bringing in positive attitude in the minds of all. With inclusion of purple silk tulips and other artificial flowers you can bring life to your setting.
It is possible to match any theme
Every professional space has its own story to tell and the fake botanical products can match any business theme. If you prefer to display a barren look in your commercial place, you may use faux cactus arrangements for the same and for creating Mediterranean ambiance in a luxury restaurant, combination fake tropical trees and tropical silk flower arrangements can play havoc.
You can use wide varieties to your advantage

There is no dearth of colors and shades of the artificial flowers. Those are available in vibrant Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink Purple, Red, white, Yellow and many more. The range of products also includes fake Calla Lilies, Daffodils, Hydrangeas, Marigolds, Orchids, Roses, Peonies, Sunflowers, and Tulips etc. To you give you more landscaping latitude, these are also available in many shapes and sizes like flowering plants, stems, branches & picks, bouquets, garlands, wreaths, centerpieces & candle rings and flower topiaries & balls for both exterior and interior use.

Delicate but strong
All artificial flowers including the pink silk tulips are made from high quality plastic materials giving those a delicate look. The inside of the stems and other parts are made sturdy using wires to make them sufficiently strong for withstanding harsh weather conditions. The replicated flowers are also subjected to different tests for guaranteeing their durability.
These are immortal
The greatest advantage of the artificial flowers is that they never wilt or shade petals. They come in standard sizes and are free from soil and other requirements of natural landscaping elements. You can install them anywhere at the edge of swimming pool or at a corporate entrance for brightening up space. Since these do not require any maintenance, you can place them and forget.

Versatility is the essence

You can get replicated flowers in many varieties and in case you want to have some special requirements that can also be done. They are also available in many colors and combination of colors. This makes the mimic flowers great for all landscaping needs.

Helps to be creative

Fake flowers are great for promoting creativity. Installing the artificial landscaping elements in any commercial landscape helps elevate the mood of the people around. These help in lowering stress and bring in a relaxing environment that helps increase productivity.

Blooms in all seasons

While different types of flowers bloom at different times over the years, using the fake flowers and flowering plants you can grace your commercial space with their glowing beauty. Since these are artificially made, these are not dependent on seasons. So, you can enjoy their alluring beauty round the year without any problem.

Absolutely safe and sound

Fire safety is of prime importance for decoration. The artificial flowers are made fire retardant through special manufacturing process when special fire retardant chemicals are infused into the fake foliage to make them inert. So, these can be safely used in any commercial space.

No tickling of nose
Although all love flowers, there are some unfortunates who cannot stand the fresh smell or are allergic to pollen. Being artificially made, the fake flowers let you install those in any corner you like without such problems.

About Silk Plants Direct
Silk Plants Direct has been importing, manufacturing, designing and installing silk plants and trees since the 1980's through our parent company, a leading national landscaping firm. After starting the company with a focus on live plants and trees, we discovered that many of our customers found them hard to maintain and, in some cases, too costly. Sensing an opportunity to solve these issues for our clients, we started our silk plants and trees division. Today, we have grown into one of the most reputable silk plant and tree producers in the world. We have received numerous industry awards for our designs and projects. We have had the pleasure of fulfilling the silk plant needs of hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and other facilities.

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