Friday, November 24, 2017

My Little Pink Christmas Tree

Christmas is pretty much one month away. And last night why'll I was up late doing some online Christmas gift shopping a saw a cute pink Christmas Tree on Charming Charlie's website and this made me want to purchase my own Christmas Tree this year.

I currently live at home with my family so I actually don't have a tree as we have a family tree. However in the recent years I have stopped helping with the set up of the tree not because I don't want to help but because I'm busy with work and the tree set up just has always been falling on days when I'm at work. As well whenever I help my Mother put up the tree she is always moving around the ornaments I put on the tree which is annoying. SO this year I have my own tree!

So here are the details on my tree. I got this pink tree from Canadian Tire by Noma for $34.99 on sale. This is a table top tree standing at 3-ft tall. It's super light weight and was easy to carry out the store. So if you don't drive don't worry this is not heavy to carry. The tree also comes with lights already attached. The lights comes in a soft white or you can set them on a colourful theme as well you can use both settings and the light will change from a soft white to colourful lights. At first I didn't think the lights worked as when I first turn them on it took about 2 minutes for them to warm up and work. This tree comes with a warranty just in case of any defect.

The pearl and bead garland I got from Canadian Tire, like everything in this post. Canadian Tire has so many great selections every year. This garland is made by Canvas which comes with 6-ft of garland for $9.99. At first I didn't know if this would fit my tree and I was going to buy two but I decided to just get one and it fits. I only wish it was one foot longer, then it would be perfect.

Next up are my ornaments both are from Trim Ornaments bought at Canadian Tire and you get 12 in a pack at $4.00 each. I was going to make my tree just white and silver but I saw that they also had a gold version of the sliver ornaments so I decided to get them as well. When I going shopping for a project I like to write out a list and have a picture in my mind of what I want the outcome to be. I think this is also true for planning out your tree you want to make sure you get decorations that fit together. 

Last and not least is the topper

This topper is also made by Canvas like the ornaments for $5.49 and it is a silver with glitter. It's actually a ornament but when I saw this I thought it would make a great topper for my tree.

If you live in Canada go to Canadian Tire for your Christmas needs they have so much nice stuff!

How will you decorate your Christmas Tree this year? 


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