Friday, November 10, 2017

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette Review

If your like me then your obsessed with Fenty Beauty, I follow them on instagram and I'm always looking to see what they will drop next. When I saw that for their Holiday Collection they where launching an Eye Shadow palette I was so happy and this made up for them not having a palette when they first launched lol.

First I will start off my reviewing the packaging. I like the packaging I think the shape and colours fit the theme they have going for this collection. However the material they used to make the palette gets dirty with finger prints as soon as you touch it, your finger print will leave a mark and I don't like that. 

At first glace I didn't like the colour selection of this palette but seeing it in person and watching people use it in videos, the shades are actually really nice. Some of the shadows are sheer and some have more pigmentation then others. I feel that they apply best with MUFE Mist & Fix. You can use them on their own however I liked apply the shadows with this method as it prevented fall out, which I did get when I used these shadows without a wet brush some of the shades did have a bit of fall out. Using the shadows wet also helped with the shades not to transfer from my eye lid to above my crease. As I have this problem base on my eye shape and eye lids. Some shades are suggested to be used as a topcoat which is why they are on the sheer side, I personally didn't like this idea and that is why I liked using these shadows with a wet brush. Which made the colours more vibrant. I also didn't like that there are no matte shades in this palette because this then makes this a palette that you can't use alone and that annoys me. I feel some of the shades the palette didn't need and could have been replaced with matte shadows. 

Overall this isn't a bad palette it's priced at $69.00 CA but I feel it should be $59.00CA based on the fact that some shadows are considered topcoats, which I feel almost doesn't make them fully shadows if it's just a topcoat because of this they are not as pigmented as the rest. I personally don't feel like this is worth $69.00 dollars. I do like this palette but I'm not in love with this palette.

Here are two looks I create using shades from the palette

In the first look I used from the palette Mars On Fire which is one of my fave shades in the palette. Metear Crush, Milky Way and Xtra Terrestrial.

In the second look I used Sublime, Lightyear, Sunburst and Oh Zone.


Have you tired any products of this palette from Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection?

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  1. love that second look! Too bad the palette wasn't better for you. I still haven't bought anything from Fenty but I want to!

  2. I didn't end up getting this palette because it just didn't really catch my eyes. Now I can't wait for her liquid lipstick!

  3. It is a gorgeous palette, like you said I wish there were more mattes in it and then perhaps I would have gotten it!


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