Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tips To Creating Lip Art/Editing It

Hey guys! Today I have a new post for you all on lip art. I'm not a master at creating lip art but I do like to play around and create lip art on my Instagram. I wanted to share with you guys if your interested in creating lip art a few tips to help you out.

1. Prep your lips with a light lip balm. You need to prep your lip especially since you might be working on your lip art for awhile and putting different types of product/texture on your lips will dry them out.
2. Create a flawless base. Apply foundation or concealer around your mouth area.
3. Make a plan. I think it's great to plan out what you want to do for your lip art. Sometimes I don't make a plan I just wing it. However if you do plan it out look up inspiration. Inspiration keep in mind can be for anywhere it doesn't have to be from other lip art.
4. If your doing something hard use a reference photo this will really help you out to plan out your look. I like to use 2 photos from different angles but I have one photo that is my main photo.
5. Tools. Make sure you have a pair of great tools rangeing from brushes to sponges, q-tip, tweezers, wipes etc. I love the OCC Lip Brush and Ben Nye detail liner brushes.
6. Use long lasting products. I like to use liquid lipstick or MUFE Flash Palette. My fave lipquid lipsticks to work with Kat Von D, MUFE, Colour Pop, NYX and Kylie Cosmetics. I do use Lime Crime because it's thin formula and great for lip art, however I know in the past there has been alot of black lash for this brand. I don't purchase there stuff anymore but I do use the products that I do still have from them. For the Flash Palette work in layers and set your work with translucent powder as you go along. The Flash palette is a cream product but it doesn't set until you set it. 
7. Take your time and don't rush. When I rush I noticed I get more frustrated then when I take my time.
8. Have a space wear you can rested your elbows if need be. Sometimes your going to need a steady hand and having a base to rest it on will helps.

9. Once your done your work it time to take photos. When your taking the photos take a few test photos to get the best lighting. I really like natural lighting the best but if you can use natural lighten then use flash.
10. Once you take your picture and select the ones you want to use it's time to edit. For editing I like to focus on making sure the skin looks smooth. Don't go over board with smoothing out the skin because this can over take the photo.
11. I also like to add warmth to my photos as sometimes my skin tone appears more cool tone/darker in photos when in real life my skin is warm. Try to make your skin looks as it does in person. You also don't want your skin to appear to dark or discolored.
12. I also like to edit out any blemishes as well with Photoshop Elements. Some good software to edit with is Photoshop I had this in college when I needed it for school, but I have Photoshop Elements now. As well I really like these apps to edit or for photo layouts FacetuneEnlight and Layout.

13. Sometime when you take a photo the overall photos can look washed out, if these happens I also recommend adding back the colour to the photo which is easy to do with the Enlight app or Photoshop. There are lots of easy to find tutorials on how to do this.

14. If your lip art doesn't turn out how you imagine or it's not perfect don't stress it. Sometimes I look at my stuff and I see little mistakes here and there but I still post them. Honestly if you see picture of how photos look before and after Photoshop you would be surprise lol. I don't like to go over board with that stuff  personaly because I don't want to change my image to not look real but I'm saying nothing is ever really perfect and just keep practicing.

In this photo I took the pictures with flash and some without. The photos with flash actually looks darker then the photos I took in natural light. I wanted to give you guys a example of natural light vs flash. For me flash just doesn't work with me lol.

Here is a photo I think this was my first lip art that I did or one of the first. I did not like the way it turned out I felt like I did so many things wrong when I was doing this. I felt like I made the bat too big and it just didn't look good to me. It's not how I pictured it in my head but I still decided to post it and surprisingly people like it. Here is a link to the picture I recreated.

Check out these products to help get you started with Lip Art!

What do you think of lip art?


  1. You're not a master at lip art? I beg to differ, you are so talented and these lip art creations are amazing! xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  2. i like the bat lip art that you did ! you are really talented !

  3. What a cool post... your lip art is seriously amazing! I know you say you're no master but these designs are so creative!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. These are so cool and look v artistic!

    - Nicole x

    Lipsticks and Louboutins

  5. That's some amazing lip art! I haven't done much but I find this really inspiring x

    Beauty From Katie

  6. wow these look great and really inspired me! I'm going to try some lip art soon :) thanks for the tips!


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