Friday, May 19, 2017

My Everyday Complexion Products

Heys guys, I'm back with a new post. This post is going to be about my everyday products, more specifically my everyday complexion products. Now I don't use all of these products all at once I might use 2 -3 items in this draw because there are multiples of some products however these are the products that I use on a daily basics if I do my makeup.

First in skin care, I like to start to prep my skin with a moisturizer I use a different moisturizer then I use at night because normally night cream are more heavy and don't work well with makeup. The cream that I use is Boscia Oil Free Daily Hydration Moisturizer, which I couldn't find on the Sephora site anymore so I guess Boscia no longer makes this lol. I used this because it's light weight and oil free.

For primers I have two that are in my daily CosmoCube draw MAC Prime & Prime Skin Base, which I like this because it remind me of the Hourglass veil and it's not heavy. I also have my  #1 current fave UD Optical Illusion Primer. This is #1 because it blur out my pores, the formula looks thick but it's not heavy on the skin.

I personally don't like to wear foundation in my everyday life as well I don't wear it when I go out. I really only wear foundation in my makeup tutorials. For everyday I use a BB Cream or Powder or Bronzer. Currently I'm using MAC Prep & Prime BB which blends in nicely with my complexion, feels light on the skin and I don't need to use a lot of this product for coverage. 

If I'm not wearing a BB Cream then I will wear a bronzer or face powder. I did wear the Guerlain Bronzer in the shade #3 which I loved it was the perfect match for me to wear all over the face. However now I'm currently using Tom Ford Bronzing Powder I use this all over the face to add a natural glow to the skin. And last I also use the Sephora Micro Smooth Powder I like this because it's light on the skin doesn't make my face look like I'm wearing tons of powder and it very natural. I will use mostly one or the other I don't normally wear both the bronze or powder at the same time since they are similar in colour.

For concealers I have 3 that are current faves of mine. They really all do the same thing, great coverage, easy to apply and blend, natural looking, looks radiance on the skin. Urban Decay Naked Skin is for days if I want a little more coverage as I feel it has the highest amount of coverage. Sephora Gel Serum is my perfect match I wear it all the time and have repurchased it too many times to count. Too Faced Born This Way is a beautiful concealer and perfect for everyday.

For setting my concealer I use my fave setting powder from Laura Mercier the Translucent Loose Setting Powder, when I worked at Sephora I sold so many of these I can't even tell you how much. This has lasted me over a year, they now have this powder  in different shades but I haven't try them out yet. This is a fave for me because it brighten up my skin there is no flash back in photos with this and the product last a long time. 

Last is my daily blush, the Sephora Colorful Face Powder I found this blush thanks to a client when I worked at Sephora and Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner on Snap Chat did a makeup look and used this blush, a client came in and wanted everything that Kylie used in her Snap video. Then a friend told me about that client and showed me the blush it was pretty, and after that I got a few clients coming up to me also asking for that blush, I saw online it had sold out so I decided to give it a try and I bought it in store. I feel in love, it's perfect for every skin tone as I have use this blush on myself and clients.


What is some of your everyday products?

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