Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Makeup Necessities For Those With Wanderlust (Guest Post)

We all know the feeling, the butterflies in your stomach when you’re about to fly off to your next adventure. Once you’re there, where it be Paris, Rome, or Tokyo, you DON’T want to go home. When you finally get home, all you can do is scroll through travel feeds and looking up airline prices for your next dream vaca. 

All these are symptoms that you, indeed, have wanderlust.

I, too, daydream about walking down a tiny Parisian alley way and stumbling across the perfect cafe to read. But, we all know the pitfalls we can make when we forget our favorite items at home. It’s a beauty disaster.

I am here to help! Here’s a few of my absolute necessities for those who pine for travel.

Makeup Remover Wipes: NEVER go to sleep without taking off your makeup, for your skin’s sake. Especially if you're on a overnight flight and you’ve spent, probably, hours in an airport and now just want to drink a glass of wine and go to sleep. Makeup remover wipes will be quite the refreshing night cap because they're soft on the eyes and pretty effective at taking off most of the makeup on the first try, leaving a tiny tingle.

PLUS SIDE: Carry a few of these in your handbag and freshen up before dinner if you can’t make it back to the hotel.

Natural Cream Concealer: Two words…Jet lag. Unfortunately, we aren’t supermodels and have never had dark circles under their eyes. I get them often and by often I mean everyday. So you can only imagine that when I travel I probably look like the mean food critic from Ratatouille. I always bring a natural cream concealer when I’m traveling and have yet to catch up to the time zone. Plus, I go the natural makeup route when I can. No one likes gross chemicals, am I right?

TIP: Apply in a triangle shape under your eye and smooth it out with a mineral makeup brush until well-blended.

Mineralogie’s Vitamin E Lipstick: This one is a life-saver. If I forget my chapstick on a trip, it results in looking like I’ve not had a glass of water in a few days. The Vitamin E Lipstick, not only stays on for most of the day without reapplying, the colors are great. The Vitamin Lipstick is great for much needed hydration, one light color and one pop of color for nights out.

Liquid eye liner: Perhaps it’s just me, but if you’re off to Europe, for example, a lot of them don’t wear heavy makeup. It’s light, natural, and minimal, especially around the eyes. If you’re like me, I like to blend in as much as I can. Liquid liner makes for a great subtle cat eye (that never goes out of style). But if for some reason I have a shaky hand day, heaven-forbid, I use the following effective trick to make it look like my lashes are thick and full.

 TIP: Hold up your lashes and apply liquid liner to the roots of the lashes on the top lid. Keep applying until it looks like your eyes POP.

PLUS SIDE: You can even try out a clear liquid liner and mix it with some matte eye shadow for a colorful and funky twist on a traditional cat eye.

Mineralogie Lash Fusion Mascara: As I mentioned before, simple is better. I don’t really use much eye shadow, but mascara can go a long way to make you look refreshed and makes your eyes really stand out. With Lash Fusion you can obtain the ultimate 'barely there' look that's uber chic.

I hope this helps, fellow wanderlustee.

May your cat eye be even. May your travels bring you joy.

Mary Van, the founder and CEO of Demaur Cosmetics, Inc., is a nationally accredited makeup artist and mineral makeup pioneer. Van launched her company at the forefront of the private label makeup industry, allowing hundreds of companies the ability to customize their mineral makeup line and create a brand that holds true to each and every individual mission statement. In 2003, Van branched out the company to establish their own brand of mineral makeup, called Mineralogie. The Mineralogie line is now distributed internationally in Europe, Australia, North America, and South America. With more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and product development, Van has transformed the way mineral makeup is branded and sold. 

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