Sunday, February 21, 2016

TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume First Impressions Review

Hey guys! :)  Today I have a new blog post for you featuring TRESemmé NEW line called BEAUTY-FUL VOLUME*. I was lucky enough to be sent the line to try and I can't wait to share with you what I think.

When I first got the package I was totally surprised and excited to try this line, because I wasn't excepting anything and this popped up when I went to the post office to pick it up. Lucky for me it arrive at the perfect time as I was going to wash my hair that very same day.

 I have tried other volume shampoo and conditioners in the past and they haven't worked for me plus the process of this set is actually reverse TRESemmé recommends conditioning the hair first and then use the shampoo so I wasn't sure if this would or could work for me.

I conditioned by hair which by the way both *Beauty-Ful Volume Shampoo and *Beauty-Ful Conditioner have a nice floral scent. So I conditioned my hair and let it say in for 1 minutes as recommended on the bottle I personally always like to leave my conditioner in for a at least 15 minutes if not more. But I wanted to follow the direction on the bottle and everything the way it's recommended. Next I shampooed my hair but only on the roots. Doing the conditioner step first I was scared my hair would be really dry. Surprisingly my hair wasn't dry. It was a little dry but I feel if I leave the conditioner in longer for me it would have been better.

Last step was to add the *Volume and Softness Maximizer. Which I'm glad they gave me this because I felt it really added softness to my hair and moisture back into my hair. After that I followed with my usually products and TRESemmé Keratin 7 Day Treatment which I love so much it's one of my favorites products I'm always buying it two at a time because I always use so much because I just love it lol!

I was super happy with the results that I got from the line and I even had a friend a work compliment me on my hair the next day!

Are you going to join the #VolumeRevolution?

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for consideration for review, this in no way effects my opinion


I love to read what you guys have too say, so please leave your comments but please refrain from follow for follow comments thanks you :)


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