Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kimoji, Worth it?

I like the Kardashian I know alot of people don't but I have been watching there show since it first came on E! when I was in highschool lol. I don't like everything that they do but I do like them. At first when I saw that Kim was coming out with her own emojis I knew for sure I was not going to get this and then I kept seeing them posting about it on instagram and it was super annoying...

but then people that I know actually have the app and I was surprised slowly I became interested. I ask one of my co workers if I could see the app and there are some pretty funny and interesting emojis on her app. The app cost 2.75 which I think it over priced but it does come with a lot of interesting emojis .

Here are screen shots of some of them.

Some are still images and some move which I find the moving ones a bit cool, as well there are also PG13 or R rated kimoji on the app.

Using kimoji is kind of weird as you have to copy the kimoji first then the paste it into a text. It also send like your sending a picture to someone so the text doesn't send right away. You see it loading on your iphone which I think that is annoying lol. If your not using wifi and your on data this would be wasting your data unless you have an unlimited data plan. At first the app didn't work until a gave it full acess to my keyboard. But there is a setup page that explained how the app works, which I should read lol. Overall the app need improvements I think bass on my first impression of it.

Will you give Kimojis a try?

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