Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Collection | Palette Review

Hey guys! Today I have a new blog post for you guys featuring Gwen Stefani's Collection with Urban Decay.

picture of gwen stefani urban decay palette

I work at a cosmetics store so when the Gwen Stefani palette first came in before it was launch I was super excited to see it. But it was kind of a let down I didn't expect to see what I saw. I though there would be more bold colours in the palette as well there are 3 shades in the palette that are already shades Urban Decay carries.

As time went on and weeks passed by I got training for the launch as well and I had used the palette on a client. I decided that I wanted to purchase the eye shadow palette. When we had the Urban Decay Event for the collection.

I think the reason I was expecting more is because Gwen Stefani's fashion style is so bold and unique I imagined the collection would be the same but the collection really reflects her makeup style, which is classic, simple and a little bit of an edge.

picture of gwen stefani palette with urban decay

The Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette comes with 15 eye shadows, the first, two rows is shades that you can use everyday and the last row is a bold pop of colour. I think that is makes for a nice gift for someone or is a nice start for some who doesn't have a lot of palettes.You get a good use for everyday shadows with this palette and then you have the last row of shadows that you can use for when your going out and you want to add a little something extra to your look.

The shadows them self are nice. I really like the feel and texture of the matte shadows. I feel the pigment for the shadows Danger and 1987 are great and they go on so well. Pop I find I need to use a brush wet to get a nice colour pay off with this shadow. Bathwater I have never used before but when I swatch it for this post it was so beautiful I can't wait to use it soon. It looks better in person then it did when I took a picture of it. As well I love the shade Zone it's my new favorite nude shadow. It's the perfect nude shade for my eye lid I would buy it on it's own. The 3 shades that are not new to this palette is Skimp, Stark and I think the third shade is Serious. I'm not sure but I think serious is just renamed and is the same shade from Naked Basics 2 because when you type it into Sephora search that palette comes up as it does for Skimp and Stark.

Overall I don't feel like this palette is a must have if you want to buy something from her collection I recommend the lipsticks I have Ex-Girlfriend and I also got a sample of a few shades with this palette. The reds are to died for and I really like Rock Steady. 

What do you think of the UD Gwen Stefani Collection?

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