Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks

Hey guys today I have another liquid lipstick review. I love love love liquid lipstick and I'm going to be sharing with you guys what I think about the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks.

The three shades that I bought are Posh Spice, Abused and Blow Pony. My favorite is Posh Spice and I mixed this with a dark brown lipstick so that it suites my skin tone better. It's a lovely nude. Than we have Abused this is a nice dark purple I love this shade. Lash is Pony Blow which is not my fav I used this only once since I got these which was months and months ago. The reason why I don't like Blow Pony is because I used it once and during my day it started to flake on me which was disappointing. 

Overall the formula for the other two are great. I get a nice even colour when I apply these, they have a nice matte finish that doesn't dry out your lips. For me I think I will stay away from the pastel shades for this brand but otherwise I would buy again from Jeffree Star Cosmetics there are more then a few shades that I have my eye on :)

Have you tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics before?
What shades have you been eyeing? 
For me I want to get Celebrity Skin, Dominatrix and Androgyny


  1. I'm a little apprehensive of liquid lipsticks. I haven't even tried them but still! I will have to push past this fear though, there are some really nice shades out there


    1. You should give them a try I love liquid lipsticks!

  2. ughhh i'm just a sucker for that packaging!


  3. Its such a shame Blow Pony didnt last properly, its such a cool colour. I also love the look of Abused. Amazing!


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