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Halloween 2015 - Wonder Women

I think October is one of my favorite months because I like Fall weather, I love seeing the leaves change colour, I'm not a summer person lol. Most of all I love Halloween I love doing Halloween looks for my blog, practicing new techniques and new looks as well I love watching my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus around this time of year. Here is my first Halloween look I will be doing on my blog. I hope you guys like this Wonder Women comic inspired look :)

halloween makeup wonder women

makeup of wonder women

wonder women makeup look

makeup of wonder women

halloween makeup comic wonder women

Products Used
NYX Cosmetics Q10 Renew Skin Elixir (FACE)
Prestige Cosmetics True Khol Kagal (EYES)
Smashbox Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner (FACE & BODY)
Red Liquid Lipstick (LIPS)
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (EYES)
MUFE Flash Palette – Silver 003 (FACE & BODY)
MUFE Flash Palette – Red 024 (FACE & bODY)
MUFE Flash Palette – White 010 (FACE & BODY)
MUFE Flash Palette – Black 011 (FACE - STAR)
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Y445 (FACE)
Nude Stix Concealer Pencil Deep 8 (FACE)
Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette (FACE)
Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer 14 (FACE)
BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Eye Shadow Palette - Red (FACE - STAR)
Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eye Shadow Palette (EYES)
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer (EYES)
Morphe Brushes Eye Shadow Palette 35U (FACE)
Morphe Eye Shadow Palette 35N (FACE)
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder 

To first start off this Wonder Women look I used my concealer to highlight the areas of my face that would stand out. I used a cartoon picture I found and used that image to help me decided where to highlight. Then once I placed my concealer in the areas I wished to highlight I blend the product out but I didn't completely blend it into the skin.

Next with a concealer stick that was to dark for my skin tone I contoured my nose and cheeks. I think blend out the contour but not fully blended into the skin. Then I went in with my cream contour palette and I contour my cheek, chin, around the apples of my cheek stopping when I get to my nose. Once again I blended the product out but not fully blended into the skin.

Then with the white colour from the Flash Platte I placed a little more of a highlight in areas that the picture had more light.

Once I was done with my cream highlight and contour I set my work with a translucent powder.

For my brows I lined them with the black shade from the Flash Palette and I then filled them in using a black eye shadow from Tarte.

For my eye makeup I keep it pretty simple I used a nude on my lids and then used browns to deepen my crease.

For my liner I used a black liner and I made sure to sharpen the pencil before I used it to make sure I get more control on how thick or thin the line will be. I lined my top lash line and bottom as well as my waterline and I also tightlined my eyes to make sure that around my eyes are fully black. Then I applied mascara only to the top of my lashes.

Once that was done I did the same contour and highlighting steps to my neck and chest area above making sure to follow where the body was highlighted in the photo I used for help. But I'm guessing that if you do this look for Halloween you have a costume to go with it so I wont example the steps I did on my body for this look. For the picture I googled Wonder Women 2015 to find comic picture that are most recent.

Next for my headband I drew the outline in a sliver shade from the Flash Palette using a small brush then I filled it in using a bigger brush. For the star I went over the sliver with the red from the Flash Palette but to make it easier I should have also mapped out the star and then not have filled that area with the sliver making the red more easy to apply. Once I finish applying the red I set that with red shadow from BH Cosmetics.

Then to make my star appear a bit 3d I outlined it in black from the Flash Palette and I connect all pointed to the center. 

Then I went in with a brown from my Morphe Palette and contoured my cheek bone, chin and nose a little more and this also helps set the cream even more.

Then I used a grey shadow to add some shadow to the headband to look similar to the picture I had.

Then I used a red liquid lipstick and applied that to my lips. Once that was dry I moved onto the final step in this look. I used a gel liner from Smashbox and following the picture I drew lines on my face and body in the same areas and way the drawing had.

For my hair I loosely curled it and fluffed it up to add some volume. 

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?


I love to read what you guys have too say, so please leave your comments but please refrain from follow for follow comments thanks you :)


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