Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lunch At MoRoCo Chocolat

This is different from my usually posts but I hope you enjoy

Last week I had a day off from work and one of those days I went to get my brows done by the wonderful Olga at Fake Beauty in Toronto as well I also had lunch at MoRoCo Chocolat which is a restaurant I have been wanting to go to for awhile.

MoRoCo Chocolat is a little shop but then it's also a restaurant with in door and out door seating.
I picked in door seating as the day I went it was so hot in Ontario there was an extreme heart alert.
The decor of the whole place is so beautiful and well put together from the moment you walk in. The chocolate boutique is set up beautifully, it is however a bit small and can get crowed pretty easily.

The restaurant I decor is my favorite that I've seen so far. The seating was very comfy I love the colour selection of the space which was black, white and grey. Even the bathroom was beautiful, I even took some picture of it as well lol. But then I thought that might be weird to post haha.


For the menu I feel they had a nice selection of items to pick from I decided to go with the Truffle Mac & Cheese which was good. It came with a side of salad. The set up of the food was nicely done. 
I also currently eating as vegetarian for a few months so next time I go back I really want to try the veggie burger as I love burgers.

The salad was a nice simple salad nothing really special. However the truffle mac and cheese was delicious I enjoyed every bite! Both items together are very filling, the dish was nice and hot and just the right about of cheese it was just so good. The drink I order I forgot the name but it was called purple something, I personally didn't like the drink it wasn't for me I did like the presentation of the drink and macaron was very nice. I ended up buying a box of six later on.

Once I was finished with lunch I went into the shop to enjoy some treats I brought a box of six Macarons and Smore To Go which both were great. The flavors I got for the Macarons were Red Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla and Peanut Butter. The Red Velvet I didn't like because I could taste the red dye. The Peanut Better was probably my favorite and The Smore To Go was just so good it was nice and soft easy to bite into. Very good!

If you live in Toronto have you been to MoRoCo before? 

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