Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jaclyn Hill's Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter (Quick Review)

Hey guys! Like so many of you, I have been dying to get the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter from Becca. I got it the day I found out that it was available! Here are my thoughts of what I think...

Ok so here are my thoughts on the Jaclyn Hill Highlighter, I have been using it everyday since I bought it which was about a week go. I was so excited when I bought it I even posted a picture right away when I got home from work and I was so surprised when I woke up the next morning Jaclyn Hill had liked my photo :)

Champagne Pop is a peach/gold highlighter, on my skin tone for me it's more golden as you can see in the swatch below. As I said I have been using this everyday but I don't feel that this is a must have product it's beautiful and I don't have any other Becca highlighters so that was one of the reason I bought it besides that fact that I like Jaclyn Hill and she always recommends great posts. Some people who have darker skin tones have complained that this came of ashy on their skin tone I haven't experienced that for myself. I did find that I liked this product better when I applied with my Real Techniques brush or my MUFE brush compared to the Sephora Collection brush I used the first time I tried this. This product is $46.00 CAD so it's not a product that is on the lower side of the scale, lol. 

I say if you love Jaclyn Hill you wont be disappointed with this product however some people of darker skin tone think Opal or Moonstone is better. I can't say as I haven't tried those products.

If your looking to buy this product I would say get it and try it out for yourself because I have been seeing so many people wear this and it truly looks beautiful different skin tones, however it's not a must have for me but it still is beautiful :)


  1. Looks like a great product, loved the post!

    Much love xxx

  2. Looks great, nice post!

    Love Emina


  3. I'm desperate to try this, it looks so pretty! x

    Jordan Alice

  4. This sounds like a really impressive highlighter, I've actually been looking for a new one!


  5. OMG!! I just love your blog post!!! its so beautiful !!!
    keep up the amazing work here !! I can't wait to read more :)



    come say hi :)


  6. I've heard a lot about this, it does look lovely. I'd love to try it but that damn price tag!

    Barbie Sparkles | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

  7. Love this post! The highlighter looks super pretty xx

  8. Great seeing this swatched on a darker skin, such a lovely colour that will suit so many people! :)

    Kat |

  9. Sounds like a great one. Thx for the review.

  10. Lovely post :) Thanks for your recent comment on my blog!

    I just didn't understand the hype surrounding this product and would definitely not pay that much for it! I have really pale skin, and I think this would give me the Edward Cullen effect. I love cheaper, drugstore highlighters and the price allows you to build a little collection haha. I personally love my Revolution highlighter. The one that comes in the Sleek contouring kit isn't too bad either!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thanks. lol I don't know for me I don't really like most drug store highlighters as they mostly don't have a good selection for darker skin tones

  11. Looks beautiful and soft to use! xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  12. I'd love to get my hands on this, such a pretty highlighter but it's not stocked in the UK. I also love Jaclyn Hill, she's the best x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

  13. This looks so gorgeous! I don't think it'll be released in the UK but I've had my eye on Opal for a while xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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