Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Schick Hydro Silk Review and GIVEAWAY!

Today I have a review and a giveaway for my Canadian readers. Schick has been really kind and is giving away 50 of their new razors called *Hydro Silk Trim Style which is a razor and trimmer in one. They also provided me with one as well so I can review it for you guys.


Hydro Silk Trim Style is a battery powered trimmer and razor in one. The trimmer is battery powered and comes with one AAA battery. This trimmer can be used to trim your bikini area and it's gentle as well waterproof. The blade is also easy to clean as it is removable. On the other side you have your razor which comes with 5 blades which makes shaving better as I only had to go over one area once. Around the blades is a Hypoallergenic moisturizing serum which coats your skin so there is no irritation when shaving I like this as you can use this razor with or without shaving gel. I have to say this is not the first time I'm using this razor as I have one already that I have bought without the trimmer on the other side. So I can say this is something that I would be buying again the trimmer is not for me but I do like the razor over all.   

Open to Canadians only

Email me at with the subject title Hydro Silk Giveaway
please include your name & address and Schick will be mailing out the Hydro Silk Trim Style razors to the first 50 people

Once you get your razor follow Schick Facebook page and let them know what you think 

Once you liked and reviewed the new razor on their Facebook page you will then be entered to win a prize pack worth $200


I love to read what you guys have too say, so please leave your comments but please refrain from follow for follow comments thanks you :)


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