Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First Impression - Kardashian Beauty (Hair)

I love the Kardashian, I'm a fan of them more so Khloe the most. I used to watch their show all the time and I even met Kim once which was amazing! I really have been dying to try their Kardashian Beauty Line and I have tried there line when it was called Khroma thanks to a friend of mine. However their is other stuff I really want to try and I wish that they sold this line in Canada but sadly  their cosmetics line is not sold here. Why'll browsing for some new hair care products to try I came across a Canadian sit called Clore Beauty Supply I found their hair card line and I knew I had to get something. Here is my first impressions review on this line :)

Have you tried anything from this line?

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  1. Never tried anything at all from the various kardashian ranges! Sounds interesting! X

    Glam night look over at-


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