Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Icing Wish List

Do you ever just go online and window shop, I do! I love online window shopping and making a wishlist of all the stuff I want. I was browsing *SHOPATHOME.COM which is a online cash back and discount site that has partnered with online stores to give there customers savings and great deals.  I found this site Icing and I fell in love with there accessorizes, I wanted to share with you all some stuff that I have recently added to my wish list from this site.

Because I'm The Birthday Girl
(which is no longer on the site, I guess it's sold out)
I wanted this because my birthday was coming up soon. 

I love this I would like this in my room to help remind me to be positive and not to give up
in any area of my life. 



I also like this because like the don't quit your daydream canvas this is also a reminder to stay happy and to be positive.

Who wouldn't want these headphones they are amazing!!


Who would love these earrings they are GORGEOUS!!! 


There is so much more I would love to add to this wishlist but that would make this post too long, check out the icing website and please let me know what you might like.

Maybe I will have a giveaway! :)

disclaimer: this post contains afflicted links

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