Thursday, February 19, 2015

Colour Pop Review!

If you haven't seen Colour Pop or heard about this brand yet, then you are missing out! Today I have a review on there lipstick which only cost 5 dollars each. Yup that's right each lipstick was 5 dollars as well everything else from this cosmetics line is 5 dollars!  

picture of colour pop lippies/lipsticks

About Colour Pop
Colour Pop was born, rasied and made in the heart of California. It's a very affordable line where everything is $5, Colour Pop carries lipstick, lip liners, eye shadows and pigments. This is also a brand that doesn't do any testing on animals, gluten free and most of the line in vegan with the exception of a few eye shadows. 

picture of lipstick from colour pop feminist
picture of colourpop lipstick feminist
Black Purple - Matte

picture of colour pop lipstick wet
colour pop lipstick wet
Gunmetal - Pearlized 

picture of lipstick ellarie from colour pop
picyure of colour pop lipstick ellarie
Cranberry - Matte

picture of colourpop lipstick dalia
picture of dalia lipstick colour pop
Warm Burgundy - Matte

creature lipstick colour pop
picture of lipstick colour pop creature
Burgundy Red - Matte

Colour Pop lipsticks are smooth go on easy and dont apply patchy. Great pigmentation it's hard to believe these are only $5 each. As well with them being creamy and smooth they are also long lasting and I found I really didn't need to reapply a lot after eating, you should still touch up after eating up it wasn't like my whole lip colour came off when I was eating. With being long lasting you might also think these lipstick will be hard to remove but they are not, very easy to come off with a wet cloth/makeup remover. Overall I would recommend giving these lipsticks a try and they come in so many colour!

Have you tried anything from Colour Pop?


  1. Everyone has been going crazy over Colour Pop recently and my wishlist is getting longer and longer by every review. Hopefully they'll start delivering to Slovenia soon :D

  2. a guilty pleasure of mine to see the hauls for these babies on Instagram...
    Great picks for your purchase :)

  3. they seem very pigmented. I can't wait to get my hands on some! x

    Anne | The Twenty Sumtin


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