Saturday, October 4, 2014

Turning Wicked - Halloween Makeup

Today post is a Halloween post inspired buy the play wicked! Read more to find out how to recreate this look!

Wicked Witch Halloween Look Makeup

Wicked Witch makeup

green with envy beny nye nose & scar wax

halloween makeup ben nye nose & scar wax wicked witch

What You Will Need
Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax
Spirit Gum
Liquid Latex
Eye Shadow Primer
Green Shadow
Beauty Blender

How To Recreate This Look
First start by prepping your skin as you would on a normal day with moisturizer, eye cream, and primer. Then apply your foundation and everything else you want to do makeup wise. I did a light makeup application but you can do what ever makeup look you like. 
Next pick out the spots you wish to have your "skin" showing so the spots that you want to be green.
Apply a thin layer of Liquid Latex on those areas wait to dry then apply another thin layer in the center of the first layer. 

Once the latex is dry use a tweezers or scissors so cut a whole into the latex. I used tweezers to pitch a whole then I made is bigger with my fingers. Once that is done your going to prime that area that there is now a whole in the latex. This is so the green can be nice and vibrant. 

Then apply the green shadow that you are using to the wholes and then with a sponge I used the Beauty Blender you want to apply foundation around and on the latex so that it blends into your skin well.
Next scoop out some wax from Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax. I used the back end of my tweezers to do this. Make sure your hands are also wet with water as this wax is sticky and will warm up from the heat of your hand and stick to them. Mold the wax into a shape of your pointed witch nose and put that aside.

Next dab some Spirit Gum onto your nose and tap it until it gets tacky and apply the nose onto the Spirit Gum and blend the edges of the wax into your skin.

Once your done that step steal the wax so that it stays in place with the latex. You can also do these same steps to create a mole on your chin or cheek if you like I made a few in my chin area.

Once the latex is done drying apply some eye shadow primer to your nose and apply your green shadow to your new nose. 

For the lips I applied black lipstick from Kat Von D Slayer and then I applied a green shadow from Kat Von D on top of the lipstick to complete this look but you can choose any dark lipstick colour or even a classic red if you like.

To remove the makeup Ben Nye remove it all is goo to get off the latex and wax. The latex will come right off if you pull on it and the remove it all will get any bits that are left on your face.

I hope you enjoyed this look and if you do this for Halloween tag me on Instagram @kaylaashleysb I would love to see your recreation!

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  1. Wow I love that you did the fake nose so cool!


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