Sunday, April 20, 2014


My birthday is coming up soon I will be 23 on May 7th, here are some things that I'm hoping to get for my birthday.

images from

images from

The main items I would love to get for my birthday is Make Up For Ever Microperfecting Primer in 7 Pink because pink help to cover areas of the skin that are darker then the rest of your face making foundation go on evenly. I have darker skin around my mouth and I don't really wear foundation because when I do I get this grey/white case over my skin around my mouth is hard to explain. With some reseach I found that this product would help with that.

Nars At First Sight Eye & Cheek Palette is also on my list, I've always wanted to try Nars shadows and blushes so I think this palette would be a great way to try both.

Benefits Gimme Brows in Medium/Deep this has been on my wish list since I saw one of my favorite youtubers use it in a video. I really want to try this product!

Too Faced Cosmetics Bulletproof Brows in Universal Brunette is another brow product I want to try. I haven't seen any reviews on this but I want to try something different then want I use of my brows currently.

The Mia 2 I wanted to get for so long, I've seen a lot of great reviews on this and someone I know even won a Clarisonic and she loves it.

I've also want to try out clip in hair extensions which I've never tried before. Ever since I started watching Imogen youtube videos 4 years ago, I have always since then wanted to try her extensions which are called Foxy Locks Hair Extensions, I want to try them in Off Black which I think they have changed the name now to Brown Black not sure as Off Black is no longer on their site.

Next which is a fashion item I would like a nice Floral Cross Body Bag something that is not to small and not big. A bag that is big enough to fit my rectangle wallet in. I also want it to be light weight. I like having a bag that is not heavy and big for the spring and summer months.

Something like these bags below, the last bag I like the most because I think a shape like that could fit my wallet, keys, cell phone, lip gloss and a few little extra things with out being to heavy.
DOLCE & GABBANA blossom print cross body bag

ELLE™ Naomi Floral Straw Mini Crossbody Bag

Ted Baker Fluno Across Body Bag, Nude Pink

Ted Baker Fluno Across Body Bag, Nude Pink (see more quilted handbags)
images of bags from polyvore

And then last I love Game of Thrones so I would love to get season 3 on DVD!

Do you have a birthday coming up, what is on your wish list?


  1. Happy birthday when it comes, and I hope you get the items on your wishlist! I own the Benefit Gimme Brows in Medium/Deep and I really love it for setting my brows to make sure they last the whole day! I don't own any of the other items so if you get them for your birthday please do a review because I'd love to find out more about them! Especially the Mia 2..! xxxxx

  2. Nice list!! I wish you good luck and hopefully many product reviews to follow for us :)


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