Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Herbalism is the first product I have ever bought from Lush, I have been using this cleanser for over a month now and here is my review.

A picture of Lush Herbalism Cleanser
About The Product
This product is best for people with trouble skin, meaning you have oily or acne or maybe you have both. Here is a facial cleanser that is full with herbs. With a blend of rosemary, nettle and chamomile help to clear problem skin. There is also ground rice bran that acts like an exfoliant while the kaolin clay cleans deep into your pores.

a picture of lush facial cleanser herbalism
Like all Lush products this has a strong smell, it's not an over powerful smell and it doesn't leave your face smelling like it. At first I thought the smell was ok, kind of weird but I didn't dislike it. Then over time I started to like the smells. It has a very earthy smell. When using this cleanser you need to pitch off a little bit more than a pea size amount wet one hand and rub them together, then message this cleanser into your skin. I like the way it feels against my skin I can feel it exfoliating my skin as well it's gentle on my skin. I have notice that with this cleanser and other products that I have add to my skin routine my face is not as oily.   

◦ Earthy smell
◦ Pitch off small amount work into a paste then message into skin
◦ Exfoliates my skin as well it's gentle on my skin
◦ Help with oily skin

Sold at Lush and Lush stores
100g $13.95 CAD
250g $29.95 CAD

What cleanser do you like from Lush?


  1. great post! :)
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  2. Have you tried any of the Lush facemasks? I've always been intrigued to try them.
    Great post!


    1. Thanks, I have tried they cupcake mask from them and I love it. I have a review that I did on it :)


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