Thursday, March 27, 2014


I have another post for you all today on products that I have recently finished, so lets get into it!

picture of lady gaga fame, lush cupcake fresh face mask, mac makeup remover wipes and maybelline rocket volum' mascara

picture of mac mall madness lip gloss, lady gaga fame and lush fresh face mask in cupcake
1. Bath & Body Works Anti - Bacterial Hand Gel in Caribbean Escape is a miniature hand sanitizer, I use these before apply my make up to make sure they are as clean as can be I also take these in my purse so if I ever need wash my hand I can just use these because sometimes public bathrooms are not all that nice lol. Caribbean Escape contains all natural ingredients this scent is described by Bath & Body Works as a scent crushed with raspberries, sweet strawberries and a warm musk smell. Overall this is a really sweet smelling hand gel.

2. Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express I wasn't a fan of this mascara simply because I did not like the brush at all. I don't think for me this mascara did a great job at coating my lashes and the bristles are too short for my liking.

3. MAC Lip Glass Mall Madness this was my favorite lip gloss that I currently own I used this gloss on a daily basis, I love love love this and now I sad that it is done. Hopefully I can find another one that is similar to this at MAC, because this was the perfect shade for me. Click here to read my full review.

4. MAC Demi Wipes, these wipes had a very strong smell but with that being said they work really well. I really liked this wipes and once you get use to the smell you forget all about it. I would purchase these again since they were on $12.00 CAD.

5. Lady Gaga Fame Perfume is a great perfume I love the smell of this, I got this last Christmas as a gift with the shower gel. Love the design of the bottle, great floral scent. This perfume is a black liquid but when applied it goes on clear. The size that I had was 30ml 1fl.oz, but this is available is other sizes.

6. Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask is one of my favorite mask to date, I recently went into Lush to repurchase it however they didn't have any so I'm going to have to go back another time. Yummy chocolate smell that actually last on your face once you have removed the mask. This mask helps to calm skin with cocoa powder and sandalwork. This mask is made with fresh ingredients and therefore it should be kept inside the fridge. Oh and did I mention this mask is only $6.95 CAD!
7. No 7 Beautiful Skin Wipes is a makeup remover wipe. I liked the smell of these wipes they had a relaxing smell, but I feel they didn't take off makeup well on days when I wore a lot of makeup to do a look for Sheer Beauty but then when I would were a little bit of makeup these wipes worked great. For me I want a makeup remover that will work weather I wear a lot or a little bit of makeup.

8. Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Black Shower Gel is a black liquid shower gel, it has a strong scent but the scent does not last long. This gel smells just like the perfume but it has a more sweet smell to it. As for how well this shower gel actually works is a thumbs down you need a lot to get this into a good leather or if you don't use enough half way into showering you will need to apply more. This is not something I would recommend.

What have you recently finished?

Monday, March 24, 2014


disclaimer: products or product shown in this post has been provided by the said brand for review and/or use

Hey today I have a blog post on a book called DIY DYE Bright & Funky Temporary Hair Coloring You Do At Home. As you can guess from the tile this book is all about dying your hair, yourself!

In this book there are 3 main parts: Get Ready, The Dyes and DIY Style. Get Ready talks about the steps you need to know before you jump into dying your hair, this part also talks about bleaching your hair and what to expect when dyeing your hair different colours.  The Dyes section of this book mention different dyeing techniques like how to bleach hair, hair chalking, how to dye hair with Kool Aid (YUP you can dye your hair with Kool Aid) and much more techniques. What is most interesting to me is the Henna section because I want to try Lush Cosmetics Henna Bar and this help me to better understand how Henna works. The last section of this book is the DIY Style which is all about the different styles in which you can dye your hair for example ombre and tip dye.

Overall this is a good book if your looking for new and safer ways to dye your hair and also a great book to read if you have never dye your hair before and you want to. 

Available on Amazon 
$12.43 US & $8.88 US on Kindle
$12.64 CAN

Do you think this is something you might check out?

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Here are some recent instagram photo for those of you who may not have instagram or who don't follow me on instagram. Enjoy so photos from the pass few months! Follow me on instagram for more  @kaylaashleysb

She Hulk Makeup with Aqua Cream and BH Cosmetics and Glamour Doll Eyes
She Hulk inspired eye look #bblogger#glamourdolleyes #maybelline #bhcosmetics#bhbeauty #lagirlcosmetics #toofacedcosmetics#vanillapigment #mufe #makeupforever #aquacream#xobeauty #lashes #smashbox #shehulk

Bh Cosmetics eye look with mac cosmetics and lime crime
Mermaid inspired eye look #bblogger #lotd #lashes#lashlove #mufe #motd #clinique #makeup#maccosmetics #nyx #bhcosmetics #maybelline #eotd#lagirlcosmetics #limecrime #loreal

vintage flower nails with essie and opi
Floral nails 💅 #bblogger #notd #nails #nailart #essie#nicolebyopi #julep #flowers

Nail Art phtot half heart and flowers
Nails for the week #bblogger #essie #opi #nails#nailart #notd #flowers #hearts

Iconic Cosmetics Comfort Zone, Freckle, Chocolate Cake and Gum Drop
Can't wait to try these lipsticks and lip paint from @iconiccosmetics #instahaul #iconiccosmetics#makeup #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #lotd#bblogger #lipsticks

Red Velvet Valventine From Lime Crime
@limecrimemakeup Velvetine in Red Velvet for Valentines Day ❤️ #bblogger #lotd #limecrime#velvetine #redvelvet

Formula X Nails Art
Stripe nails in black and white 💅 #bblogger #sephora#stripenails #nails #formulax #nailart

Nails inspired by a @nail_swag picture 💅 #bblogger#nails #nailart #nailswag

Ombré nude lips with @iconiccosmetics lipstick freckle & lip paint comfort zone #bblogger #iconiccosmetics#lotd #motd #kardashianbeauty #toofacedcosmetics#mufe #maccosmetics

Sephora lip balm from pantone colour of the year
Pantones colour of the year radiant orchid #sephora#bblogger #pantone #radiantorchid #lipbalm #lotd#venuslure

nail art winter nails with nicole by opi polish
Winter inspired nails! I tried with the tree but it's not so good lol #bblogger #nails #nailart #winter #glitter#nicolebyopi #opi #kardashiankolor

picture of xobeauty lashes
Trying out @xobeautyshop lashes by @shaaanxo#bblogger #xobeauty #shaaanxo #bhcosmetics#maccosmetics #loreal #lotd #lagirlcosmetics #mufe#motd #glamourdolleyes #lancôme #eotd

Leave you instagram names so I can check out your photos :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Today I have a review on another Lime Crime Lipstick as well as a little warring about fake Lime Crime lipsticks.

About The Product
Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Centrifuschia is a bold pink lipstick the colour is bright and loaded with pigment.

Centrifuschia is a fuchsia colour lipstick, this lipstick goes on nice and smooth. The texture of this lipstick I would have to say is creamy. I love the way this applies to my lips. This shade without eating or drinking last for a good amount of time before you may need to reapply. However it's not waterproof so you do need to touch up after eating or drinking. Overall I would rate this A+, I have two tone lips and this lipstick does a pretty great job at masking that. I think you can tell a bit that the lipstick does look a bit darker on my upper lip but it is not a big difference. 

Available online from Lime Crime
$18.00 US

◦ Opaque Lipstick
◦ Texture of this lipstick is creamy
◦ Good amount of wear time before you may need to reapply
◦ Do need to touch up after eating or drinking
◦ Great job at masking the two different shades of my upper and bottom lip  

Below is how to tell a fake Lime Crime Lipstick apart from a real Lime Crime Lipstick. I bought my first "Lime Crime" lipstick at Imats sold by a vendor that was not Lime Crime and then months later I bought one from there website. At first when I bought the fake lipstick I thought to myself this looks a bit different from the website and I thought it was fake but I push that thought aside because I believed only really popular brands like MAC have people making fake lipsticks of the brand. I was wrong and I have stopped using the fake lipstick since I learned it was fake from a instagram post I saw about fake Lime Crime lipsticks being made in China and being sold.

Also note the fake lipstick is longer and slimmer then the real Lime Crime lipstick.

I hope this helps, I know there are some sites that sell Lime Crime and a lot of people buy it off of there because Lime Crime website quickly sells out of their products so it may seem better to just buy from another retailer. I would advise you to check Lime Crime site for a list of stores that are verified sellers 

Hope this helps!

Monday, March 17, 2014


disclaimer: products or product shown in this post has been provided by the said brand for review and/or use.

Today I have a review for you on Make Up For Ever's NEW HD Cream Blush, I was sent this lovely blush to review and since I have got it I haven't stopped using it.

 About The Product
Make Up For Ever HD Cream blush is the next generation of cream that feels, looks and performs up to the high standards of professional makeup artist. This has been tested in front of HD cameras and the second skin formula blends seamlessly into skin, making it undetectable on screen and as well to the naked eye. This blush has the perfect balance of dry oils, silicone oils and waxes that offer blend-ability in a long lasting formula that is comfortable smooth all these things why'll delivering a satin soft finish healthy glow to the skin.   

This HD blush comes in 16 shades so there is a shade out there for every skin tone. I pick 420 because I thought it would really work well with my skin tone and the colour is in the same colour family of a blush that I love which has shimmer in it. However this does not have shimmer in it which I love making it an everyday blush. All the shades that are offered in this collection are really natural shades and I can see more then 2 or 3 shades working well for a person. This makes me want to try more! I love that this comes in a small compact which means I can easily put this in my bag if I choose but I have found that this is long lasting and I have not needed to once do any touch ups with this blush. I don't feel that it had faded during my day. I wore this blush for more than 6 hours, I feel like it does a great job at staying on all day. I also feel like this blush blends into my skin so well it feels like it is one with my skin and not like it is just sitting on top of my skin. Some cream blushes can be hard to apply I find with this one there is no difficulty in applying this with my brush to my skin it blends in very well and it also pigmented, therefore I don't need to use a lot.

Available at Sephora online and in stores
$31.00 CA
$26.00 US

◦ HD blush comes in 16 shades
◦ All the shades that are offered in this collection are really natural shades
 I can see more then 2 or 3 shades working well for a person in this collection
◦ Comes in a small compact
◦ Long lasting
◦ Blends into my skin so well it feels like it is one with my skin and not like it is just sitting on top of my skin

Have you tried this blush yet or are you planning to try this?


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