Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This gloss set was a gift I got, my friend knows that I love the Kardashians. My favorite is Khloe, and when my friend went to the US she got me this gift. Sadly the Kardashian Beauty line in not sold in Canada I wish it was but it is sold in the US and UK. Hopefully it will be coming to Canada soon.

picture of kardashian beauty lip gloss set
About This Product
From feelunique.com "This assortment of seven flavoured mini gloss tubes make every day special. Perfect anywhere, day or night. What a week!" 

picture of kardashian beauty lip gloss raw honey
Sundays gloss is nude with sliver shimmer, I have to say I don't like this gloss at all I don't think it is a really unattractive colour.

picture of kardashian beauty lip gloss wild flower honey
Mondays gloss is a peachy nude gloss.

picture of kardashian beauty lip gloss orange blossom honey
Tuesdays gloss is an coral pink gloss with gold shimmer.

 Wednesday gloss is dark orange with gold shimmer. 
picture of kardashian beauty lip gloss summer honey
Thursdays gloss is a baby pink shade.

picture of kardashian beauty lip gloss cherry blossom honey
Fridays gloss is a hot pink shade.

picture of kardashian beauty lip gloss blackberry honey
Saturdays gloss is a berry tone shade.

My favorite shades are Monday-Wildflower Honey, Wednesday-Wild Honey and my favorite out of my favorites is Saturday Blackberry. I don't have a berry gloss only lipsticks so this is prefect for days I don't want to wear lipstick but I still want to wear a berry colour on my lips :) 

I couldn't find prices for the set in the US, so I can only offer UK pricing.
Available at Feel Unique 
£9.56 UK

◦ Feels like a plumping gloss with a tingle when applied, however tingling feeling does ago away 
◦ Hard to apply straight from tube does not have an even application, you really have to work at it to get a good coverage
◦ Wish this set was a gloss set that came in a plastic or glass tube with a wand applicator for better application of product
◦ Has a nice amount of colour pay off, not a sheer gloss set
◦ I personally think the packaging could be better not a fan of the design
◦ Not all shades are great for different skin tones
◦ Not a sticky gloss has a nice thick butter smooth feel on lips
◦ Colour fades after a few house, but I don't see that as a big deal 
◦ I do like the idea of this set, I hope they come out with more
◦ All glosses have a nice pleasant smell

Have you tired any lip product from the Kardashian Beauty line?


  1. looks like a great deal this set!! My fave is saturday!


  2. I think I might skip on this one, but I love the thought behind this kit! Great review and swatches!!


  3. Wow,amazing colors, love the last one. ;-)
    Lovely greets nessa

  4. I didn't even know they did a beauty range but I'm definitely going to have to look out for the products, especially these lip glosses, they look gorgeous!
    Fran || http://frannymac.blogspot.com || ox

    1. Yup, I also saw on twitter there going to be coming out with hair products too :)

  5. Friday and saturday are my favorite shades! Not a kit for me though!

    1. The kit I think was for the holidays but I think they also sell the glosses too in regular size tube with a applicator wand instead if the squeeze tube. :)

  6. The colors are sooo pretty! The swatches are also really great! :)

    xx Katariina,
    High Heels, Low Jokes

  7. Not sure these are for me but the set does look lovely and the swatches came out great!

    Lucie xxx Fatbeautyx


    January monthly Advertiser - Samantha

  8. Nice Blog:)

    All the fashion news you need to know today: www.soletthemtalk.blogspot.com
    Best Regards from Monte-Carlo :)

  9. I have been so curious about their products..haven't heard that much good so far but these look actually kinda nice.



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