Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love & Beauty By Forever 21 Perfect Manicure Review


About The Product
From Forever 21 website "Get the perfect manicure with these love & beauty nail stickers featuring a sparkling leopard print. Package includes 12 stickers. "
 When I saw the price of this product which was under 5 dollars I picked it up why'll I was waiting in line to check out at Forever21 because it was cheap and I wanted to give them a try. Sadly this was a waste of my money. These nail stickers are easy to put on but it's hard to get out the bubbles and smooth it over your nails. It's very sticky so if you don't place them right you can easily take them off and do it again. I also like how thin they are because it looks more like nail polish and not like you're wearing a nail sticker. However because of this product be so thin I think that is what makes these stickers chip so fast. My nails chipped as you can see in the picture above within the first day I was wearing them. This is so not worth $3.80 and I will not be buying theses again which is sad because I think they come in really cute designs but these don't last long they don't even last a day. This is so NOT the PREFECT MANICURE.

Forever 21 Canada

Forever 21 USA

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  1. I have purchased some of these types of nail stickers and I just do not like them. They are super cute, but they are a huge pain to apply :(
    It is too bad these also have not worked for you.


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