Monday, June 17, 2013

Splat Hair Chalk Review

I so badly want to dye my hair but because my hair is relaxed I don't want to risk damaging my hair and drying it out so I love the idea of hair chalk and I'm on the search to find a brand that works for me. The last time I tried hair chalk I use blue pastel chalk I had from when I took art in high school and it only lasted in my hair for a few hours. So I though I would give Splat Hair Chalk a try when I randomly saw it at Shoppers Drug Mart.

About The Product
Splat hair chalk last for the day, it's available in 5 different pastels colours violet sky which is the colour I picked up, silver moon, dusty rose, mint candy and midnight blue. Included is 1 hair chalk and 1 application sponge for part line and braided hair.
To use this product on my hair I selected a strip of hair, spray my hair with hair spray and applied the chalk then finish with hair spray to set the product. The first time I did this I did it wrong because the colour fade from my hair fast. The second time I followed the instructions more carefully. When I applied the hair chalk I applied it a few times to the strip of hair to build up the colour. Which is what is suggested on the box. There is a sponge included but I didn't use it and I feel its kind of useless. I did notice when I would spray the hair spray to set the colour it would fade a bit. I suggest also to do this over a sink the first time I did this there was a little mess and the second time I decided to do this over the sink to prevent a mess. I also suggest wearing old clothes just in cast you get some product on your clothes. Overall I like how my hair looked but once again this didn't last long half way into the day this product fade from my hair. In the second picture you can see it starting to fade and I think my hair that has the chalk on it also looks a bit dry from the product which I didn't notice until I took pictures, so I guess my search continues.
$9.49CA Shoppers Drug Mart
I also saw this hair chalk at Winners a few weeks later for half the price, so if you want to try out this hair chalk check out Winners first to see if they have it.
Have you tried Splat Hair Chalk?


  1. I like your hair, too bad it did not last long

    1. yup too bad but I liked the look just wish is lasted long :)

  2. So sorry you didn't LOVE this, it looks awesome! Keep us posted!

  3. It really does look lovely! But yes, chalking the hair is supposed to be a pain in the rear end.



  4. I've been looking into hair chalk because I really don't want to put permanent color into my hair again. I did use the Splat hair dye a few years ago to put some purple in my hair (without bleaching first) and I still have a few purple highlights that show up in good light :)

  5. I didn't think that the hair chalk would show up on darker hair, which is why I have refrained from it, but you have proved me wrong~ I do like how it looks on you, despite all the hassle associated with it~


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