Monday, June 10, 2013

Nail Art Featuring Born Pretty Pearls

Hey everyone today I have a nail art post for you featuring pearls that I was sent from Born Pretty.
Born Pretty is an online nail store they sell everything from nail polishes to nail dryers and a lot more other thing as well, if you have never been to there site I suggest you check it out all you nail art lovers and even if your not into nail art they also have other things you might like on there site like earrings, necklaces, cell phone cases etc.

About The Product
The pearls come in a white and clear case in the shape of a circle, the lid is not removable instead it spins around so you can open it to which ever pearls you want to use. I like that the lid is non removable because sometimes things happen and people knock over stuff and if this ever gets knocked over there is not a big mess to clean up. There are 12 sections of pearls in 3 sizes.
$4.14 US
Born Pretty offers free shipping world wide and you can also use my code to get 10% off I don't get any commission from you using my code it just strictly for my readers to use if you like and if 10 or more people use the code Born Pretty might have a giveaway or contest for my readers, so this code is really just for you guys.
How To Pearl Nail Art
This nail art is pretty simple or at least to me it is. All you need is pearls or rhinestones, what ever you want. For nail polish I'm using a grey black polish, you also need a base polish, top coat polish and tweezers to help pick up the pearls
Step 1. Once nails are dry from your base polish apply 2 coats of nail polish to your nails, for the ring finger I made a crescent shape on my nail using a normal polish brush along my nail then I painted the rest of my nail. It does matter so much if the shape isn't perfect because no body is perfect right and you will not notice so much once the pearls are on your nails.
Step 2. Apply another coat of polish on one finger where you want to place your pearls, use your tweezers to help you place your pearls on your nails is best. Once your pearl is in place gently push down on it and move onto the next pearl. You want the polish to be wet when your doing this step that is why you would apply the polish on one finger first then do your pearls because the pearls need something to stick too.
Step 3. Once your done applying the pearls apply your top coat. Make sure to apply a good amount of top coats around and in between the pearls. Then once your done that move on to the next finger.
I hope you enjoyed this post! If you try this nail look send me your pictures on instagram @kaylaashleysb
disclaimer: I was send this product to review and or use, this in no way affects my thoughts on this product and I will always give my honest opinions on products or services I review.


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