Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Summer Day Essentials

Summer is here and this might surprise people but I'm actually not a summer person. At times I hate summer and I actually like winner and spring better. However in this post I'm sharing with you guys my summer essentials, during the summer I feel my skin gets more oily during my day and here are some products I use to help that and also just some general product I think are must haves for the summer.
Dove Visibly Smooth in Wild Rose is my favourite anti-perspirant, everyone needs a great anti-perspirant and this one helps your underarms to be stubble free. I have tried other Dove anti-perspirants like gosleeveless and I have to stay that was the biggest waste of money, it didn't last long and it was just a big waste of my money I tried it for over 2 month and it just didn't do anything good for me.
NYX Matte Blotting Paper, blotting paper is a must must must! This is a must especially if you have normal/oily skin or just plan oily skin. Blotting sheets are great to take with you in your bag and when ever I use one and offer one to my friends there always surprise by the oil that's comes off of their face. A must to keep your face shine free during the hot months.
Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 85, sunscreen is another must! I have a cousin who doesn't wear sunscreen at all and I think she being so stupid. She saw somewhere that sunscreen can actually help to cause skin cancer but I don't agree with that. I think it's important to wear sunscreen even though I don't reapply it as my day goes on which I should, I at least apply it before I go out. Here is a interesting article on that explains how SPF works it's not a long article so you should read it it's interesting. It explains what SPF actually means and how long your sunscreen protection actually last for.
Bath & Body Works Carried Away Fragrance Mist, I like wearing fragrance mist during the day there not so strong in smell or over powering like some perfumes can be. Plus with a mist they come in plastic bottle unlike perfume that are in glass bottles which can break. With a fragrance mist you can throw them in your bag and mist yourself again if need be.
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Deep Tint any face product with SPF is great to have. I like this BB cream over foundation because I don't usually wear or need foundation on a daily bases. Also sometimes I don't even wear BB cream so I apply a light layer of SPF on my face before I put on any makeup.
The Body Shop The Sparkler is a body shimmer and I like wearing this sometimes to give my skin a nice shimmer.
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder or any translucent powder is great product to have to keep your face matte I apply mine in my t zone because that were shine I think is most noticeable. This doesn't totally keep my face matte all day long put it does help.
Sephora Harmony Trio Bronzer, Benefits Sun Beam and Love & Beauty By Forever 21 Bronzer are the highlighter and bronzer that I currently use. I alternate between sun beam and trio. There both the same kind of golden shade but the trio bronzer is more opaque and sun beam is a liquid product. I use trio more because it blends better but when you get sun beam blended in while it looks more natural. Love & Beauty By Forever 21 Bronzer is one shade darker then my skin tone and I like it because it also more natural contour since is only a shade darker. I like wearing highlighters and bronzer to some what give a natural glow lol.
And that's my summer essentials, what are your summer essentials?


  1. I've been using the same Dove deodorants for years :) They're great x

  2. I LOVE body mist by B&BW! I went on a binge recently and bought a ton of similar soft, beachy fragrances there :P I also need to buy that Ben Nye powder sometime for my kit!

    1. Lol they are great :) I like the travel size ones the best.

  3. Great post! I absolutely love the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, it is also one of my summer essentials!


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