Monday, June 24, 2013

Lash Love Love Affair Review

Today I have a review on Lashes from Lash Love, I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of the Love Affair lashes to review for my readers. Lash Love was Co-Founded by sisters April & Kristyl.

Here is some information about Lash Love from there website
 "We provide you custom handmade eyelash designs that range from incredibly natural looking to dramatically glamorous. Our 100% Mink Fur Strip eyelashes are crafted on an easy to take home and apply strip. These Mink Fur and Faux Mink strip eyelashes are long lasting and wearable over 25 times with proper care."

Also in the future with Lash Love if you can't find a pair of lashes you love or if you just want to make your own, you will be able to create your own custom pair of lashes with Lash Love, delivered in a custom packaging with your own name on it. I can't wait to try this out for myself! 
For more information about Lash Love check out the About Me section of

When I first opened up the box for the lashes Love Affair I thought wow these lashes look so glamorous, they are so beautiful and they looks and feel so soft. I couldn't wait to try them on. Lash Love lashes come in a white & gold box that closes with a magnet. The lashes came out of the case easy as well they were easy to remove from the plastic holder. I find with mink lashes you always  want to be gentle so when removing the lashes from the case I was gentle in taking them off and had no problems. The lashes fit well on my lid but later I decided to cut a bit off of the outer side of the lashes for more comfort. They blend in great with my natural lashes and there easy to take off. To clean the lashes I held them at the base with my thumb and gently with tweezers I removed the gule that was on them. Compared to regular lashes that I have tried the lash band is thicker on mink lashes. With lashes that are not mink the band is clear but with mink lashes that band is not clear and a bit thicker because the lashes are actually sewn into the band. The band also blends in perfectly with your black liner. Lash Love also offers Faux Mink Lashes as well as the 100% Mink Lashes.
Here is a picture of how much a cut off it was just a tiny bit and a cut them off after the first time I wore them.
There are different price ranges for the lashes but I'm going to list the lowest price for the mink lashes and the faux mink lashes. To see all of the prices visit
I also have a coupon code for you to get 20% off your order use code kayla20
$29.99 100% Mink Lashes
$9.99 Faux Mink Lashes
Here is a preview of two makeup looks I did using these lashes, you can see what they look like on.
I will post the looks at a later date with a list of the products I used.

Check out and tell me what your favorite pair is... I really like 60s Hollywood
Don't forget you can use my coupon code kayla20 to get 20% off your order
  disclaimer: I was send this product to review and this in no way affects my thoughts on this product and I will always give my honest opinions on products or services I review.


  1. These lashes are so HOT HOT!

  2. The lashes look very nice. It looks great on you especially when you shimmer your eyes with makeup. This is a great alternative to mascara and the lashes look so natural and appealing. I am just curious on how do you manage to maintain them linger longer. And what are the disadvantage of wearing one? I mean does it feel uncomfortable from time to time?

    1. Hey Sarah
      I think if you take good care of them and don't let the lash glue build up on it then you can wear them as much as you want, on the lash love website they say you can wear them 25 times or more if you take care of them. There not uncomfortable if you put them on good and if they are to long then just cut a bit off from the outer side of the lashes. Hope that helps

  3. Gorgeous!!! I am very impressed! I heart lashes :-)

  4. Wow those lashes look awesome!
    I really like those natural long designs!

    *Wonderland gone mad*

  5. Wow so many to choose from, I want to try therm all, but I'm definitely partial to long dark lashes


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