Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Makeup Geek Brush Review

I have another brush review for you all today, I'm slowing building up my makeup brush collection and I have 3 more brushes to add to that, which I bought from Makeup Geek. Makeup Geek is also a youtube channel called Makeup Geek TV with tutorials by the talented Marlena, watching her channel is what first got me interested in makeup. I even remember the first video that I watched of her channel which was an Arabic inspired look. Which if you would like to see that video you can click here. Anyway she has her own product line of brushes, eyeshadow/liners and lipsticks, as well she does sell other product from different companies like NYX and MAC in her online store. I picked up 3 brushes MUG Bent Liner Brush, MUG Eyeliner Smudge and MUG Crease Brush.
MUG Bent Liner Brush
I have really needed a liner brush as before this I was using the wand from my Maybelline liquid liner for my gel liner lol. I have to say I enjoy this one, I like that it's bend because I feel that the bend shape of the brush makes it easier to use when your apply liner. The bristles are also made from Taklon and brush it soft and move across my skin nicely.
MUG Eyeliner Smudge Brush
I have been wanting a new smudge brush as I feel like the one I have from Too Faced is not flat enough and sometime when I'm sweeping it alone my lower lash line eyeshadow gets into my eyes. With this brush I haven't had that problem at all. This brush is also good for smudging out liners as well. I also like to use this for apply eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eyes. I have to say when I bought this I wasn't looking for a flat smudge brush, I did think that it would be like a pencil brush because in the picture on the Makeup Geek website it does look like a round brush and not so much flat at first I wasn't too happy with it but after I tried it I changed my mind and now I happy that I have this brush because as a said I think its a better smudge brush then the one I have from Too Face, but I still use the Too Face brush for my brows.
MUG Crease Brush
This is my fave brush out of these 3, I like my Too Face Crease Brush but I like that this one is smaller and it has more of a round top then my other crease brush and I just feel that with this brush it work better in my crease and the Too Faced brush I now use it for blending out shadow on my brow bone. The bristles are Synthetic and they are so super soft and blends out my shadows like a dream lol, if I recommend any of these brushes to you all I would have to say get this one.
These prices are AMAZING, I couldn't believe it at first I was like is this on sale? Nope these are the regular prices.
MUG Bent Liner Brush $4.29 US
MUG Eyeliner Smudge Brush $ 4.29 US
MUG Crease Brush $ 4.99 US
Update Makeup Geek now has a new Crease Brushes it is a new design from there old one which retails for $5.99 an AMAZING price. 
Have you tried any MUG products?


  1. i have tried makeup geek brushes! i think i have the outer v brush. love their cosmetics :)

    1. I would like to buy more from them, I really want to try the shadows :)

  2. I adore Makeup Geek, I'm going to be ordering their Gel Liners soon!

  3. The Arabic look is the first video I watched as well and it was all downhill for me after that! I have the Outer V, the Crease Brush, and the Cheek Highlighter. I love the Outer V and the Crease Brush. I'd like to pick up some more. I have a healthy MUG eyeshadow collection as well. I had a lipstick but the color didn't suit me. There are some others I want to try though and OMG gel liners. YAY.

    1. Lol you have alot from there line, I can't wait to see what they come out with next, as well I want to also get more of there brushes :)

  4. I've been wanting that crease brush forever!! lol always sold out :(

    1. it's popular lol, I would like to get a second one for when I'm doing friends makeup. Its really a good brush :)

  5. I really need some new brushes! tks for sharing :*


  6. Ouu, you're such a beautiful girl :). Thanks for this review, the liner brush looks really good.


  7. I have so many brushes, but it's never enough! Gonna check these out :D


  8. I've always wondered whether a bent eyeliner brush makes a difference, this one sounds really good :) xx


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