Monday, October 8, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatch/Review Part 2

Here is part two of my review. Hope you all enjoy :)
So this is a lot of sample shadows that I purchased lol, I also bought there eye primer which I will review in another post soon plus two free samples I got as well.

These 5 shadows are from the Blogger Collection also from my first review Sparkler and Soul Sister are also from the Blogger Collection which is a collection of shadows inspired my beauty bloggers.
Nymphette is a dark purple blue with purple and blue sparkles. I don't like dark shadow but this colour is just so pretty I knew I had to try it. Nymphette is also vegan.
June Bug is a shimmery purple with green sparkles. It reminds me of a metallic purple crayon I used to have. Very pretty and is also vegan.
Super Nova reminds me of the night sky, it's a matte black with sparkles. This colour is inspired by one of my favourite beauty bloggers Bows and Curtseys which is the reason I bought this, I wasn't sure if I would like this but I do and it's the prettiest shade of black eyeshadow I have seen. Super Nova is also vegan.
Southern Lace I took a chance buying this shadow as I don't wear pink shadows. This is a hot pink colour with sparkles. This is a very pretty colour.
Calypso is a teal colour with sparkles, if your a person that loves blue and green shadows then this is a perfect colour that you will love.
Behind The Scenes is a metallic brown/gold with gold and bronze sparkles. This is a very pretty nude colour. Behind The Scenes is also a vegan shadow.
Phyrra is a light purple with sparkles. On the website it does say that this is a hot pink with aqua sparkles, but I think it looks more like purple too me. However in the jar it does look a bit pink. Phyrra is also one of Glamour Doll Eyes best sellers.
Angel Wings is pearly white colour with a hint of purple/pink sparkle. Angel wings is also vegan and is a best seller shadow.
Gold Digger is a mustard yellow, its pigmented and a beautiful gold colour. Gold Digger is also a vegan shadow.
Veteran looks like Nymphette its a purple with blue undertones and has sparkles that reflect purple, but on the side they say red sparkles, this is also a vegan shadow and a best seller.
Fiji Mermaid I just love this name and it suits so well because this colour does remind me of a mermaid. Fiji Mermaid is also vegan.
Big Top I think is more of gold colour then gold digger, and very pigmented. This colour is vegan as well.
Bruised is a dark purple with with blue sparkles, this colour was from the 2010 Halloween Set 1.
Girlfriend Sweater is a matte purple and its a vegan shadow.
 My Belle is a best seller. Its a mix I think of an pink orange and this is also a vegan shadow.
Undead I don`t like dark eye shadows colours but with Glamour Doll Eyes they make them so beautiful this colour is so gorgeous and its a deep purple with with red undertone. This is from 2010 Halloween Set 2. Undead is also a vegan shadow.
Royal Assassin this is a dark matte purple with gold and blue/green sparkles. Royal Assassin is a vegan shadow.

Dirty Jeans is a mix between teal and gold. It truly is two colours in one. This one of my favorite eye shadows.  Dirty Jeans is a vegan shadow. In this picture the shadow looks more gold with teal undertones, in the next swatch picture you will see from a different angle is look more teal.
Electric Lemonade is a vivid yellow colour with a bit of shimmer and is a vegan shadow.

Hello Brooklyn is mix of a black matte with shimmery blues and greens. This is another favorite colour of mine. Hello Brooklyn is vegan and also a best seller.
Makin' A Scene is a metallic silver vegan eye shadow.
Tokyo is a matte purple eye shadow and well it's vegan.
Hollywood is from Glamour Doll Eyes, Eye Lights. It's a hologram silver glitter shadow that reflects the colours of the rainbow. For this shadow you would need a sticky base for the shadow to stay on.
All Nighter is a purple with blue untones and is a vegan shadow.
Premonition is a grayish purple colour shimmery vegan eye shadow. As well it's one of Glamour Doll Eyes best sellers and it is named after Alice.
Big Brother is a like green with a bit of a gray colour. This eyeshadow is vegan and it is named after Emett.
Mood Swing is a sky blue colour with a bit of shimmer. This is also vegan and it named after Jasper.
Family Secret is a pearly white shimmery colour. It's vegan and this colour is named after off the Cullen family.
Black Ice is a matte with a silver shimmer. This colour was named after Rosalie and is vegan.
Mind Reader is a matte dark blue/black colour. This was named after Eward and is a vegan shadow.
Just Bitten is a burgundy wine colour I really like this colour for the fall and burgundy wine colour are becoming popular this season in makeup. This is named after Bella and is a best seller as well it's also a vegan eye shadow.
All of these eye shadow in this set are from Glamour Doll Eyes Twi Shadows there are 3 more eye shadow Dear Mom, Skin Of A Killer and The Perfect Cure.
Have you tried any Glamour Doll Eyes products?
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