Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sephora By OPI Chich Prints For Nails Review

Last weekend I went out with my friend and because I was to lazy to paint my nails I used one of my nail prints that I got for my birthday because there super fast to put on and there is no drying time.

I think these are great if your going out and you want to do your nails quickly but you don't want to go to the salon or paint your nails this is a good option. What I like about these nail prints is that they are super easy to put on they come in nice designs. However I found that there were a lot of bubbles on the edge of my nails when I was placing them on my nails which I didn't like and they also only last for 1-2 days which is what the package recommends you were them for.

Sephora 5.00CAD

Have you tried any of Sephora's Chic Prints?
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  1. Just class <3

  2. oh thanks :D i wish we got to do stuff like that in high school :o !!

    loooving the gold.. i haven't even tried nail prints yet.. but 1-2 isnt a very good lasting power thoo.. xx

    1. Your welcome, yes on day to it started to pell off a bit.

  3. Nail wraps are great for a night out and I love the metallic shade! Shame they don't last very long though xx

  4. Gorgeous print! I found your blog on monday beauties blog hop :) I would love it if you could take a look at my blog!


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