Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shiseid Sunscreen Vs Clinique Sunscreen

Everyone needs to protect there skin from harmful rays of the sun no matter what your skin tone is, recently before my trip to Jamaica I went to Sephora to buy sunscreen for my face. After trying out Clinique SPF 30 Face Cream and a few other I decided to buy Clinique and because I bought a face product Sephora was having a deal with 100 Beauty Insider points I could also get a full size of Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Cream SPF 50.

About The Product
"A highly nourishing cream formula sunscreen for the face that defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays that cause sunburn cell damage, dryness, roughness & premature signs of aging such as fine lines. Smoothes on with no trace of stickiness."

20.00 - 35.00CAN depending on the size you purchase.

Comes in a 30ml bottle. Small enough to carry around with you in your bag. Comes in SPF 50 which is what I got and also comes in SPF 55. I don't like the smell of this product, Which is a big downside for me because when I'm putting any cream on my face I would like for it to smell good. Beside that I don't really have a whole lot to say about this product.

About The Product
"Our new dimension in protection - advanced defense & repair. Innovative solar smart technology stabilizes high level protection against the aging and burning effects of UVA & UVB rays. Triggers a repair that helps prevent sign of aging. Formulated for the face with solar - activated antioxidants that help prevent visible damage."

23.00 CAN

Clinique sunscreen comes in a 50ml bottle the product is fragrance free. I'm not in love with the smell but unlike Shiseid I didn't notice the smell after a few seconds I really forgot about the smell. Travel size so you can bring this with you any where are it's also works for people with sensitive skin and is oil free. I don't have sensitive skin but I do have oily skin in my t-zone, I like that it's oil free. 

I think the winner for me would have to be Clinique SPF 30 Face Cream because it's oil free, I think it sells for a good price. There is 20ml more product then Shiseido. I also like the fact that with Clinique the face cream bottle comes stealed. I like that both come with an information sheet but I feel Clinique comes with more information. However I do like that Shisedo comes with sun safety tips on there information sheet, but for me I just like Clinique product better.

Thanks for reading my review :)

Which sunscreens do you like?


  1. Good comparison. I'd go for Clinique too. Oil in the summer just doesn't sound attractive.

  2. Great reviews :) I'd probably have chosen the Clinique sunscreen too - it sounds like better value for money and I prefer my sunscreen to be fragrance free xx


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