Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Kim Kardashian Hair Chain

Hey everyone I'm back from my trip to Jamaica. I will post about my trip later with pictures in the week or next week once me and my cousin upload all the pictures we took :)

I love Kim Kardashian style and I love her jewelry line Belle Noel. I was inspired for this DIY by one of her pieces from her line called Belle Noel Molten Gold Bar Hair Piece (which you can purchase online). I would love to purchase one of her hair chains but until then here is a quick inexpensive DIY.

What You Need
Chains (Michaels Craft Store)
Findings (Michaels Craft Store)
Hair Clips

Step 1
Using scissors which I forgot to include in the picture cut your chains the length you wish. I cut my chains in half. Also I first used only one chain but later decided to add another chain which I cut in half as well and only used one of the half's.

Step 2
Next using your findings you going to open them up and loop the chain in the finding. Loop all of your chains into the first finding one at a time. Then loop the other ends of the chain into second finding.

Step 3
Now for the last step, once you have done adding your chains to the findings you should then loop the findings onto the hair clip (make sure when you buy the hair clips that have holes were you can loop the finding) and once you done close the findings.



  1. cute! u did a great job

  2. Fantastic DIY. I like Kim Kardashian's style too. She has beautiful hair.

  3. Awesome idea! And im sure it is much less expensive too....good job!

  4. Love this! I wish I had longer hair so I could wear such a nice piece xx

    1. Thanks, you should give it a try when you have longer hair :)

  5. This is sooooo cool!! I walked by Michael's yesterday and wondered what i could find in there! I so will do this too!

  6. That is great! So much cheaper than purchasing online too! Way to save!

  7. soooo cool!! I'm totally gonna try making this!!


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