Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nail Stamping Art From KKCenterHK

I was given a chance by kkcenterhk to try out there stamping nail art plate. I have tried stamping nail art before as a while back I got a mini kit for Christmas.

If you want to give nail stamping art a try you will need to purchases a nail kit, which you can get at kkcenterhk for $4.50 which is so much cheaper then buying a kit and of course stamping plates which are $5.05. If you would like more information click here to check out there stamping kit and click here to check out there stamping plates.

Here is what there stamper and most plates look like. Also note that when you get a image plate there is protective plastic on top of it to protect the plate. It's kind of hard to see but make sure you remove the plastic before you start using it.

For me when I using stamping nail art, I like to only do it on one nail because sometimes I think it could look to busy if you do it on every nails depending on what image your using.

Nail stamping works by you putting nail polish on to the image you want to put on your nail, then with the scraper you scrap off the nail polish and what is left is the nail polish in the image. Next you take your stamper and stamp the image plate then quickly stamp it onto your nail. You then you have a great design on your nail.

Personally I don't use image plates a lot unless I have the time for it because I think it does take up a bit of time doing this and personally I like water decals better because it faster then this process. But that's just what I think.

Have you tried nail stamping art before?

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disclaimer: I was send this product to review and this in no way affects my thoughts on this product and I have and will always give my honest opinions on products or services I review. 


  1. love your nails and happy birthday

  2. I have a stamping nail art kit. It's way better then going to the salon for me!


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