Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheetah Print French Tip Nails

Today I have another water decal from KKCenterhk, this water decal is a cheetah print french tip. I love cheetah print and I love these french tips. If cheetah print is not your style KKCenterhk has lots more french tips to choose from on their site.

Doing this process does take a bit of time but I think the end result is great and cost less then getting this done at a salon these water decals are no more then 3 dollars and you still get a professional look. The water decal are easy to use, anyone can do this even if your not experienced in working with nails. These are also easy to remove all you need is nail polish remover and they don't damage your nails.

Water Decal How To

What you will need
(I forgot to inculde a nail file)

Step 1. Once your done painting your nail with a nude nail polishes and they are dry it time to add your french tips!
Cut out the french tips that you will use.

Step 2. Dip the french tip into water and with your thumb push up the french tip from the sheet and gently remove the design.

Step 3. Carefully place the french tip onto you nail. If your nail doesn't fit the whole french tip, use an nail file to file the extra off.

If your interrested in getting these cheetah print french tip water decal then click here

disclaimer: I was send this product to review and this in no way affects my thoughts on this product and I have and will always give my honest opinions on products or services I review. 

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  1. Cute, I LOVE cheetah print anything!

  2. This is very cute I only wish that I was not moving so that I can order some =(
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. These are so neat! They look great and very edgy. :)

  4. super cool!!! I've never tried water decals, but wow, it looks like a lot of fun lol

  5. Cute, I love anything animal print.



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