Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chalk Dye Hair

So a few days ago I signed up for this website called beautylish which is a website site thats all about beauty ect.  I came acoss a video called Hair Chalking from one of my fav youtube guru. So because this is harmless to my hair I decided to give it a try. I only did a few pieces of my hair and here is how it turned out.


Here is the video I got this from

What do you think of hair chalking?

I can't wait to try more colours and when I do I will post them :)


  1. This technique of hair dying is amazing and a great way to not damage your hair.

  2. I saw kandeehjohnson's video too, I would try this but my hair is too short.

    Does it make your hair crunchy?

    1. Nope for me my hair wasn't crunchy

    2. i love the blue color! i can't wait to try chalking, i saw kandee's video too :) xx
      my blog: boho vanity


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