Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails

It's always fun to dress up your nails with designs and for Valentine's Day I decided to try out this cute look I was thinking of it my head and I like the way it turned out :)

Products Used
All Kendall-Ed Up Nicole By OPI
Shatter Black OPI
Chicklette Loreal Paris
Pink Rhinestone

For this look I wanted every nail to be different.
On the thumb just simply put one heart, on my index finger I switched the colours around and I put two hearts on that finger. For my middle finger I used tape and I drew a heart, cut it out and taped that over All Kendall-Ed once the polish was completely dry. When you place the tape on the nail don't press the tape on to hard or some of the polish can rub off. The I paint my nail with OPI Shatter. For my ring finger I want to leave it plain but still have sometime on it so I added one rhinestone to the head of the nail and with my pinkie nail I drew four small hearts.

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