Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MAC Paint Pot Indianwood Review and Swatch

MAC Paint Pot Indianwood Review

Last week I went to The Bay's, MAC counter with the intention of purchasing primer but they were all sold out of the med to dark primer which I was surprised, but one of the MAC makeup artist told me that Paint Pot works just as good as the primer and that I should give it a try. Since it was the same price as there primers I said ok. So I tested out I think it was called Groundwork and when I was ready to check out the makeup artist discover that they were all sold out of that too. So next we I picked another colour that was close to my skin tone to use as primer and ... what do you know they were all sold out of that too. Then finally after she suggested Indianwood and I just ok I will take it. At that point I really didn't care to try it on at the store I just wanted to go home. So that's my little story of how I got this colour and now time for the review.

 Paint Pot is a high pigmented eye shadow that is creamy but dries quick which mean if your using it as primer you kinda have to work fast to spread it across your eye lid since it does dry quick. MAC website describes Indianwood as a "metallic antique bronze (Frost)". Now I have to say as a primer this product truly works wells I recently used this when I first go it test it out and my eye makeup lasted for more then 8 hours and did not crease at all. Indianwood just as an eyeshadow is also great since it a pretty colour and I love shade how it's kind of metallic and bronzy because those type of colours look really good on me.

 Would I Purchase This Again? YES I would for sure next time I want to get a colour that has more of a satin finish and it closer to my skin tone for use as a primer. But for sure I will be buying paint pots and trying out the other colours that they have.

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  1. paint pots are genius aren't they? so versatile and easy to use :))

  2. Indianwood is such a gorgeous paint pot. In a strange kind of way you were lucky they were sold out of the other ones - Groundwork & Quite Natural are very pretty though. :]

    I reach for Indianwood all the time in the summer. The satin/cream finish ones are my favourite though to base with. I find they perform even better than the metallics.

    1. Cool, I really want to try one of the satin/cream finishes.


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