Monday, February 6, 2012

Hydro Silk Review/Giveaway!!! 14 Prizes To Giveaway

14 days ago I was contacted by Schick, for those of you that don't know they are a razor company and they have 6 razors that are on the market. You can check out there website by clicking the Schick link above. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try their new razor Hydro Silk and to also give some away to my lucky readers. Not only was Schick nice enough to send me there new razor to review that sent me a gift basket filled with all types of goodies.  

What Was In Side The Gift Basket

Schick Hydro Silk Review
Besides the fact that this is a razor and it of course removes hair. Hydro Silk razor makes shaving your legs more easier with it's built in moisturising serum which is infused with marina extracts. Hydro Silk has not 3 but 5! Yes that's right 5 blades to get you great closeness when your shaving. For me I think this is for sure going to be my new razor I had use something like this before from another brand and I have to say that this doesn't even compare to Hydro Silk which for me I think is way better. The head of the razor is flexible with is a must for good razors. Usually when I shave my legs it gets irritated, but from a scale of 0-10 with this razor my irritation was a 2 when it's normally a 5. It also cut down the time I spend in the shower shaving my legs since there is 5 blades. This razor is also very easy to clean and I found that after I was done there was no hair that was suck in the back of the razor, which I think happens with alot of razor or at least the ones that I have tried. Also because of the moisturising serum I notice it kept my legs moist when shaving which was great because sometimes when your shaving your legs in the shower the water starts to dry from your legs if you don't keep it under the water which can lead to some razors not gliding smoothly on your legs.

Would I purchased this again? Do I even have to ask myself. Of course I would. Since I have the razor all I would need to repurchase the removable head when they run out. 

Ok now it's time for the GIVEAWAY. Schick is letting me giveaway there new razor for you to try!

Open to Candaian Resdients only
Must be a follower of my blog
Must be 18 years or older
If under 18 years please get parents or guardian permission before you enter
Read instructions
There are 14 razor to be won, this giveaway is open from Monday Feb 6, 2012 to Friday Feb 10, 2012
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review. I am in no way affiliated with Schick and I am not being compensated for this review. I will always give my honest opinions.

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  1. thanks for the e-mail love! i would LOVE to win one of these, as i honestly NEED a new one desperately and am always nervous buying expensive ones at the store... heh. would love to try this out!

    count me in!
    now following you!

    I'm in BC <3


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