Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY - Picture Frame Necklace Holder

Hey everyone today I found this cool DIY on Polyvore by Mimiie and I wanted to share it we you guys.

DiY: Picture frame necklace holder. ♥

DiY: Picture frame necklace holder. ♥ by thepolyvoretipgirls featuring rose jewelry

01 - You'll need. ♥

* A picture frame.

* Some small pins.

* Sheets of cork.

I think you can actually find all of those at walmart, maybe you even have them at home.

02 - Instructions. ♥

#1 - Remove the back of the frame, and discard everything in the frame including the glass.

#2 - Using the image that came within the frame, trim your sheets of cork to the frame size.

#3 - Place the sheets of cork inside the frame and put the back of the frame back in.

#4 - Pop your pins in where you want them and put them on a bit of an angle.

#5 - Loop your necklaces around the pins. You may find that your necklaces are longer than the frame itself so you can double over your necklaces so that you stagger where the pendants fall.

- It takes about 5 mins to make and it’s pretty cheap depending on the frame, well.

- You can keep adding as many pins as you want and

- You can hang it on the wall, or just put it on your desk, dresser..

Go to thepolyvoretipgirls for more great DIY's


  1. This is so cool, I have to try this and check out more of there DIY's :)

    Nice post!

  2. Hey I just found your blog! Love it, I love reading others blogs on fashion and makeup!! Great job!
    I am following!

  3. I have something similar, but bigger :)


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