Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bags of the Rainbow

Cute bags in all the colours of the rainbow. Add some fun to your style and get a bag that will stand out in the crowd.

Red Bags

$43 -

TopShop leather satchel
$190 -

Orange Bags

Marc Jacobs shoulder strap bag
$495 -

TopShop cross body handbag
$56 -

Melie Bianco orange bag
$55 -

Yellow Bags

Sondra Roberts flower clutch
$98 -

Dorothy Perkins cross body handbag
£10 -

Green Bags

Kate spade clutch
$150 -

TopShop green shoulder bag
$45 -

TopShop leather suede bag
$20 -

Blue Bags

Zhanga quilted shoulder bag
$139 -

TopShop shoulder handbag
$142 -

Fox Head | 2011

Purple Bags

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