Monday, December 27, 2010

Dress up your little black dress for new years

In this weeks post its all about looks for new years. So I hope this will give you some ideas on how you can dress up your little black dress. Happy Holidays and New Year :)

1. Shimmering One Shoulder Dress Forever21 $17.80 2. 15 Piece Bangle Set Forever21 $9.80 3. Marilyn Bangle Set Forever21 $12.80 4.Bold Draped Necklace Forever21 $9.80 5. Suedette Peeping Strap Heels Forever21 $28.80

1. Strapless Runched Mesh Dress Forever21 $ 27.80 2. Chiffon Troi Handband Forever21 $4.80 3. Ectra Large Flower Ring Forever21 $5.44 on sale 4. Knotted Ankle Bootie Forever21 33.80 5. Shimmer Multi Chain Beaded Necklace Forever21 $11.80

1. Dress Ruched Knit Dress Forever21 $33.80 2. Expandable Leopard Print Forever21 $ 21.80 3. Suedette Stiletto Boots Forever21 $41.80 4. Rhinestone Knuckle ring Forever21 $6.80 5. 4 Piece Complimenting Bangle Set Forever21 $7.80

1.Embellished Stapless Dress Forever21$ 33.80 2. Suedette Slouchy Ankle Bootie Forever21 $27.80 3. Crochet Slouch Beret Forever21 $7.80 4. Vintage Shoulder bag Forever21 $22.80 5. Pointelle Legging Forever21 $27.80


So a few day ago I posted a haul on some new items that I recently bough and I'm going to show my 2 favourite looks from the Too Faced Naked Eyeshadow collection. So my favourite looks out of the 3 cards that came with the collection are Classic and Fashion.


note: the satin sheet eyeshadow looks pink but you apply it to the skin, it goes on in a golden colour

Thursday, December 23, 2010


This week I went shopping with my cousin Chantelle and I bough some great stuff and some really great stuff. As well I did some online shopping and got a few M.A.C products a few weeks ago.

I really enjoy going into the M.A.C store and trying on product but because I get there newsletter I saw a promotion for free express shipping so I bought a few things.

M.A.C. Swatches
so i made swatches of the products on my arm so you can better see the colour of them.
1. honesty eye shadow 2.blitz and glitz fluideline (cream eye liner) glam gaga lipglass 4. lip liner in colour soar

Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass with Lip Liner In Soar

VS Pink
I bought a new bag and shirt and some undergarments but that would be wired if i posted the undergarments lol so here is the bag and tshirt that I got.

Too faced Naked Eye & Benefits The POREfessional

1. In the buff 2.Birthday suit 3.Pink cheeks 4. Pillow Talk 5. Like a virgin 6.Unmentionalbes 7. Satin sheets 8. Lap dance 9. Stiletto
Whats included with the eyeshadows double sided application brush and look cards
Overall rating on is 4.5 out of 5
My favourite shadows are Satin Sheets and Pillow Talk and Stiletto

 This product minimizes the looks for pores. (which from what i seen so far when I wear it is good) is oil free and lightweight. To apply: apply product to clean face under makeup, DON'T rub into skin just pat it on lightly. 
Overall rating on 4 out of 5  

Other Store that I end up going to were Winners, Shoppers and Chapters.

These products are really great the hair spray really does make me hair shine and its really light weigth and doesn't leave behind any white stuff in your hair like some other hairsprays may do.
The thick spray is to be used after washing your hair so I haven't used it long enough to notice a change, but with using these products I have notice more volume and shine in my hair.

Me and my cousin went to the dollar store on are way home to wrap gifts and at the check out I saw these really really really beautiful rings. I just had to buy one, and it was only for 14 dollars. Most store would sale this for 20 - 25 dollars.

Top Coat and Chicklette

How It Looks
you can purchase these nail polishes at any drugstore

and last but not least I bought Bobbie Brown new book called
Makeup Manual

When I read to whole thing I will give my thoughts

Monday, December 20, 2010

Whats Hot for This Winter and My Favourite Accessories

Welcome to my blog SheerBeautyBlog. This blog is going to be everything that I love about fashion and beauty. All the content on this blog is done my me,myself and I. And anything that is not made by me I will also give credit to whom ever it was made by. I update every 1-2 weeks. Enjoy my first post on fashion :D

What I think is hot hot hot for this winter is FUR, fake of course I don't wear real fur. So here are my picks for whats hot for this winter season enjoy. 

Fur Vests

1.  Blu Moon Diva Vest in Leopard $134.00 2. The Battalion Munro Faux Fur Reversible Vest in Hyena $ 242.00 3.Forver21 Leopard Modacrylic Vest $35.80 4. Heritage1981 Faux Lamb Fur Vest $27.90 5. BB Dakota Ashland Vest $77.00 6. Patchy Faux Fur Swing Gilet $160.00

Fur Bags

1. Faux Fur Lock Clutch $80.00 2. Faux Sheepskin Backpack $90.00
 3. Tobin Faux Fur Black Purse $70.00 4. Fur-iendly Feeling Handbag by Melie Bianco 79.00

Fur Coats

1. Faux Fur Jacket by Rare** $118.00 2. Faux Sheepskin Duffle Coat $170.00 3. Faux Fur Jacket by Love** $118.00 4. Check Sheepskin Detail Duffle Coat $240.00 

Winter Head Gear

1. Knitted Fur Pom Pom Beanie $28.00 2. Sno Cream Faux Fur Halo Headband $32.00 3. Forever21 Faux Fur Snowflake Trapper Hat $17.80 Minx in Moscow Faux Fur Hat $20.00 5. Faux Fur Ball Black Hat $33.00

Fur Boots

1. MILEY Fur Buckle Boots $70.00 2. MILEY Fur Buckle Boots $70.00 3. BEA Fur Buckle Over Knee Boots $280.00 4. Wear the Wild Things Faux Fur Leg Warmers $41.00 5. Aldo VANDERAU $110.00 6. Aldo VIDRINE $130.00
Here are some of my favourite accessories that I own and were I got them from
1. Earrings - H&M - I love these earrings they are one of my fav I just love feather earrings or dangle earrings. I feel like they make your face look slimmer if you have a round face
2. Bracelet - Rita Tesolin is a great designer and I got this from her sample sale last November
3. Earrings - One of my fav stud earrings that I have there just so cute and simple. I got these from a store in my school called CITYDOWNTOWN which is run my the fashion students.
4. Earrings - Rita Tesolin I got these to from her sample sale and I always get comments on these earrings when I wear them from my friends
5. Bracelets I also got these to from Rita Tesolin sample in May and I always wear them when ever I go out. I just love how they sparkle when I wear them.
6. Brooches - Flower brooches you can wear these with just about anything, I pin these to my hairband and wear them in my hair
7. Ring - Rita Tesolin sample sale in May I love these, this is probably my favourite accessory that I own, if I could wear this everyday I would :)
8. Belt - Rita Tesolin sample sale this belt reminds my of Taylor Swift I think its something she would wear and this belt is so beautiful. My second favourite thing I own
9. Necklace this is one of the gift that my friends got me for my birthday last may and I love that its multi coloured and also multi layered. This necklace is from adrenes.


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