Thursday, November 1, 2018

Get Kissable Lips All Winter Long + The Body Shop Advent Calendar

To keep your lips hydrated, full and kissable all winter long. I’m going to share with you my favourite tips to keep your lips in tip-top shape. During the winter are lips can become drier than normal due to the cold. Here are the steps that I like to use to keep my lips in shape. 

1. I like to start the night before and really hydrate my lips with an oil. I prefer an oil overnight for keeping my lips hydrated because I feel an oil last longer and deeply hydrates. (The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil for Lips - Lip Balm)

2. There are some nights when I don’t do step 1 and for those nights when I wake up the next morning I use a lip scrub. I rub a little bit bigger than a pea size amount on my lips and then I let the scrub sit on my lips for a min or two before I wipe it away. I do this because I feel letting the scrub just sit there for a bit also softens the lips. (The Body Shop Exfoliating Lip Scrub)

3. I apply a light layer of lip balm before I apply my lipstick. You don’t want to apply too much because you don’t want the lip balm to change the texture of your lipstick. (The Body Shop Moisturizing Lip Balm)

After I apply my lip colour I sometimes contour and highlight my lips if I’m doing a full glam look. This is a little trick I used a lot in the past when I did clients makeup I would do this trick to make their lips appear fuller.

4. Using your contour shade you want to apply it right under your bottom lips and right above your chin. This creates shadow and makes your bottom lip appear fuller. (The Body Shop Contour Kit)

5. Then for the top lip, you want to apply a highlight in the centre of your cupids bow. This will bring attention to your top lip right in the center which is the fullest part of the lip and it will stand out more. With this contour and highlighting trick, you get instead natural looking fuller lips. (The Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Highlighting Strobing Dome)

6. And last, apply a gloss on top of your lips always makes them appear naturally fuller. (The Body Shop Shine Lip Liquid

What are some of your favourite products from The Body Shop?

Check back next month for a Holiday giveaway I was lucky enough to get an advent calendar from The Body Shop and I will be giving away those goodies to some lucky readers.  

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