Sunday, September 2, 2018

My Current Brow Routine

Over the years since I have started filling in my brows, I have always been switching up my brow routine and trying new and different products for my brows. My current favourite routine right now is a mix of a mid-high end products and a drug store product.

I have been using Anastasia products for years they where one of the first brow products I have ever tried. My new love is their Anastasia Brow Definer in Dark Brown this is my second step in my brow routine once I comb out my brows using my MUFE Brow Brush I move onto mapping out my brows.

Using the Definer Pencil I lightly fill in my brows and this is a guide for me for the next step. With the Revlon Brow Kit I first underline the base of my brows then, I softly fill in my brows with my MUFE brush in short strokes starting at the mid way point of my brow to the tail of the brow. Last I then make sure to use a lighter hand at the start of my brows until I get to the mid way point and my brows are done being filled in.

For me the reason why I like this Definer Pencil then the Brow Wiz is one it last much longer, two the Brow Wiz is for people with full brows and they want to fill in a little bit here and there that is also the reason why it comes with such little product.  As for the Brow Kit from Revlon I like this because it's a perfect colour match and last all day long. As well a little goes a long way.

The combination of the two of these product together fils in my brows without a harsh look to them and last all day long. I also like to use powder because my skin in oily and when I use powder I notice my brows get less of a shine during the day. 

For me I don't think I will be changing my brow routine anytime soon but there are some product I want to try adding to my routine.

What are your current brow product that you love?


  1. I too love the MUFE brush.

  2. I love the elf brow cream at the moment, it's a good dupe for the abh pomade!

    Reine | The Blush Luxe

  3. I really need to try the anastacia beverly hills brow products have heard only good things, I am useless with pencils etc but i love how angled that pencil is xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous - loving your brows, they're very pretty!

    Layla x

  5. Thanks for sharing this. You brows look fab. Gemma x

  6. Ooh, your eyebrows are literal perfection! I am only using a gel right now, but definitely need to start looking into other ways to improve them :) x

  7. I love how perfect your eyebrows are! I struggle with mine, some days look better than others.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  8. Your eyebrows are so perfect! I've always struggled with my brows, perhaps I just need to invest in some decent products, so thank you for these suggestions! :) <3


  9. I never really put any effort on my brows. I think I should ('^^,)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  10. I love the ABH brow pomade but I have never actually tried the Brow Definer, I definitely need to get round to it soon though! Loved this post!
    Grace xx


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