Monday, August 20, 2018

MUFE Artist Colour Pencil Review

 Hey guys sorry I haven’t been posting consistently. I’ve just been trying to enjoy my summer and I’ve also was really busy with my cousins wedding that I was a part of. But now I’m back with a new post and today I’m going to be reviewing Make Up Forever Artist Color Pencils. 

So I was lucky enough to be able to receive two of the Make Up Forever Artist colou pencils. The two shades that I received were Fuchsia 802 and Unlimited Blue 208 which Unlimited Blue 208 is actually my favorite of the two it’s such a pretty blue shade reminds you of the ocean and it’s super vibrant. 

So the Make Up For Ever artist color pencils are versatile. You can use them on your eyes you can use him as a lip liner you could use them on your brows and you could also use them on your face. I personally have only tried it on my eyes and on my lips. One thing that I noticed right away from the packaging is that they remind me of old school pencils I love the design of these they’re super easy to use and they don't tug on the skin like some other pencils do. They are super gentle and don’t irritate my eyes which is perfect for me since I have sensitive eyes. 

 For me as I mentioned before I prefer the Unlimited Blue to the Fuchsia just because I find the Unlimited Blue worked better on my eyes then the Fuchsia shade but the Fuchsia shade really worked well on my lips. Also I want to mention I don’t think the Fuchsia shade is meant to be for the eyes just wanted to point that out because on the pencils they do have little icons that show you where you can use the pencils for example the Ultimate Blue pencil has a picture of a eyes and a face that has lips on it showing you that you can use it for the face. While the Fuchsia pencil just has a picture of the face.If you want to give the Make Up Forever Color Pencils a try they are available in over 30 shades which is a good selection and you can get them for $23 Canadian at Sephora. 

Here are some items that are on my MUFE wish list :)


  1. Those coloured liners look absolutely gorgeous. x

    1. Yes they are, I'm looking forward to checking out more colours next time I go to Sephora


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