Saturday, May 16, 2015

At Home Spa Day (Face)

Everyone needs a day where they can just relax and take care of themselves and not have to worry about anyone else. It's great to take a day for yourself to completely relax your mind and to forget about anything that might be stressing you out. If you can't take a day at the spa for yourself why not give yourself a relaxing day at home with some good food, music, treats and spend some time giving yourself some love. 

First to start off I cleansed my face with the Clarisonic Smart Profile Face & Body system and I used the Glam Glow SuperCleanese Daily Clearing Cleanser.

The Glow Glow SuperClanse is a mud to foam cleanser which starts off as a mud but once you add more water is turns into a foam. I personally don't find that it foams up it does change from being a mud feel on your skin however. This cleanser also helps to get rid of makeup, oil and impurities that clog up your pores.

Next after I cleansed my face I applied a mask using a flat foundation brush from Real Techniques  that I only use to apply my mask. I like using a brush because I feel it uses less product then using your fingers and it's more clean this way. The mask I used was Bliss Multi-'Face'-eted All-In-One Anti Anging Clay Mask.

Bliss Clay Mask is a mask that helps to achieve smooth and youthful looking skin. It does this by correcting the signs of aging by correcting dryness, dark spots, dullness, visible pores, rough texture to skin and wrinkles. 

Once I finished with my mask I wanted to clean my pores even more and get rid of any blackheads that I had in my nose area, I used Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. I have tried other methods to get rid of black heads but for me this works the best.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips gets deep down into your pores to remove build up dirt in 10 mintues. The bonding ingredients work like a magnet when water is applied to nose to remove dirt that causes blackheads.

Next I applied a serum to my face, the serum I use is a night time treatment but I decided to use it during the day, oh well... lol. :) The serum I used is from Ole Henriksen called Invigorating Night Treatment.

This serum is a lightweight gel to help achieve a youthful appearance, the gel has vitamins and minerals that deeply nourish the skin and support natural cell turn over. As well this treatments helps to improve fine lines, wrinkles and smooth skin texture.

Next I applied an oil to my face I normally don't do this in my day to day routine as well as some of the other products that I used today but that is why I'm doing it to pamper myself and add in my extra steps in my routine today. The oil I used is called Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir.

This oil is an anti-aging oil from Caudalie that helps to lift, firm, smooth, brighten and nourish the skin with Caudalie three signature patents as well this oil also has five exceptional plant oils.

Next to moisturize my face I used the Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream.

Like the oil this also features Caudalie patented ingredients, as well diminish the appearance of dark spots making the skin more even and radiant. 

Next to add a nice glow to my skin I applied an liquid llluminizer from Josie Maran called Argan llluminizer. She now has a new llluminizer in her line that has now replaced this one called Agran Enlightenment llluminizer.

The new llluminizer in her lines has multicolored pigments that capture light and reflect it. This brings a glow to the skin with agran oil which nourishes the skin and madonna lily, pure white blossom and poet's narcissus which is an ancient daffodil. These products together brighten and evens out skin tone. You can also mix this into your foundation, moisturizer or oil.  

What products do you like to use to pamper yourself?


  1. Very nice skin! I'm thinking about investing a clarisonic system, it looks really good.

    1. I love mine, the first time I used it I was like that it's its over is my face clean because it only take 1 min to clean your skin which is cool :)

  2. Great post, dear!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! ^-^

  3. That mask looks so cool, I really want to try it!



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