Saturday, April 11, 2015

5 Ways To Wear A Headband - Ft. Dauphines Of New York

Dauphines Of New York handbands help to add the right touch to your look, designed by NYC's Summer Rej you can wear these handbands is so many ways. Headband is made with high quality crystals, gold plating and semiprecious gemstones as well each headband has an adjustable strap to fit each person comfortably.

Below are picture of the headband and 5 styles which you can wear your Dauphines headband in.

*Dauphines Of New York Headband in Front Row Darling

Fishtail Side Braid 
Part you hair down the middle and comb out any knots, then create a fishtail braid at the side of your hair secure your hair with a small elastic. Next place the headband over your head and then adjust it to fit your head.
Knotted Side Ponytail 
Comb hair to one side, then place your headband on. Tease the crown of your hair a little bit for some volume. Next part your pony into two section and cross them. Once you have cross them you should be able to see a little hole in between these to sections on hair make a knot with your hair and pull,keep making knots until you get to the end. Secure the end with a elastic.
Boho Twist
Part your hair in the middle take a section of your hair and put on your headband. Twist it back and pin with a bobby pin. Do the same on the other side 
Messy Summer Bun
Put on your headband and tease hair and create a messy bun in anyway you want.
Messy Pigtail Bun
Part hair in half and put into two pony tails, next tease all over your pony, once that is done wrap hair around to create a messy bun use bobby pins to secure buns and then put on your headband.

How do you like to wear your headbands?


  1. You are so creative! I love all five of them especially the second one. The headband is gorgeous :)
    xo, Jessie


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