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The Secrets to Shiny Hair

A great hairstyle is every woman’s dream. But wouldn’t it be nicer if you can have brilliant shine too? Shiny hair is able to reflect light better so it comes with a glossy finish. In addition to having beautiful looking locks, shiny hair is also a good indicator of healthy hair.

If you want to put the shine back to your strands, we’ve got a few tips that you can use to give your hair that radiant glow.

Straighten Up Hair

Straight hair is able to reflect light more effectively than ones with curls and waves do. However, it does not mean that other hair textures (such as those with naturally curly hair) can’t have shiny hair. It basically refers to the behavior of the cuticles. Make sure you straighten your hair in order to smooth the cuticle. You can also get additional benefit of fighting frizz too.

Natural Oil is Your Friend

Natural oils such as olive oil or coconut oil are nature’s gift to your hair. When you use these oils on your hair, it will give you instant shine by smoothing out the cuticles and giving a glossy finish to the strands’ surface. Make sure to look for these ingredients when shopping for hair care products. Or, you can also prepare your own homemade hair masks using either coconut or olive oil as ingredients. If you can leave the homemade mask overnight, it would provide even better results as the oils’ nourishing qualities are absorbed into the strands to improve follicles.

Cool Air or Water

A lot of women use heat styling tools on a regular basis, which can be counter-productive in your efforts to getting optimum shine. The heat dries up the hair and makes it look dry and brittle. But if you want to keep your locks looking shiny, make sure to end your styling with a blast of cool air or end your shower with a cold water rinse. The cool water or air helps to seal in the shine as it closes the cuticles. It is therefore a good finishing technique for styling or washing your hair. You not only get a nice hint of shine but also keep the result for a longer time.

Use Hair Serum

This product is excellent for many things but you should make it your best friend when you aspire to have shiny hair. The formula is designed to fight frizz and provide a sleek sheen to your locks. Use a pea sized amount of hair serum and work it to the bottom of your hair first. Then, slowly work your way up. Ideally, you must use hair serum on wet to damp hair. This product will incorporate moisture into your hair and that sleek finish, too.

Undergo Replenishing Treatment

A replenishing treatment is recommended for those who aspire to have shiny hair. A regular hot oil treatment can work for this purpose. Just make sure that you leave it onto your hair for a suitable amount of time to ensure that all of the beneficial and nourishing properties are completely absorbed. Healthy hair will naturally look shiny!

Hair Gloss

This is another effective and reliable treatment for women who want to have shiny hair. However, it is important that you leave it to a professional hairstylist to perform gloss treatment on your hair. This is also excellent for women with colored hair because the gloss will not only make your locks shiny, but also enhances the color.

What is your secret to having shiny hair?

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