Thursday, March 27, 2014


I have another post for you all today on products that I have recently finished, so lets get into it!

picture of lady gaga fame, lush cupcake fresh face mask, mac makeup remover wipes and maybelline rocket volum' mascara

picture of mac mall madness lip gloss, lady gaga fame and lush fresh face mask in cupcake
1. Bath & Body Works Anti - Bacterial Hand Gel in Caribbean Escape is a miniature hand sanitizer, I use these before apply my make up to make sure they are as clean as can be I also take these in my purse so if I ever need wash my hand I can just use these because sometimes public bathrooms are not all that nice lol. Caribbean Escape contains all natural ingredients this scent is described by Bath & Body Works as a scent crushed with raspberries, sweet strawberries and a warm musk smell. Overall this is a really sweet smelling hand gel.

2. Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express I wasn't a fan of this mascara simply because I did not like the brush at all. I don't think for me this mascara did a great job at coating my lashes and the bristles are too short for my liking.

3. MAC Lip Glass Mall Madness this was my favorite lip gloss that I currently own I used this gloss on a daily basis, I love love love this and now I sad that it is done. Hopefully I can find another one that is similar to this at MAC, because this was the perfect shade for me. Click here to read my full review.

4. MAC Demi Wipes, these wipes had a very strong smell but with that being said they work really well. I really liked this wipes and once you get use to the smell you forget all about it. I would purchase these again since they were on $12.00 CAD.

5. Lady Gaga Fame Perfume is a great perfume I love the smell of this, I got this last Christmas as a gift with the shower gel. Love the design of the bottle, great floral scent. This perfume is a black liquid but when applied it goes on clear. The size that I had was 30ml 1fl.oz, but this is available is other sizes.

6. Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask is one of my favorite mask to date, I recently went into Lush to repurchase it however they didn't have any so I'm going to have to go back another time. Yummy chocolate smell that actually last on your face once you have removed the mask. This mask helps to calm skin with cocoa powder and sandalwork. This mask is made with fresh ingredients and therefore it should be kept inside the fridge. Oh and did I mention this mask is only $6.95 CAD!
7. No 7 Beautiful Skin Wipes is a makeup remover wipe. I liked the smell of these wipes they had a relaxing smell, but I feel they didn't take off makeup well on days when I wore a lot of makeup to do a look for Sheer Beauty but then when I would were a little bit of makeup these wipes worked great. For me I want a makeup remover that will work weather I wear a lot or a little bit of makeup.

8. Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Black Shower Gel is a black liquid shower gel, it has a strong scent but the scent does not last long. This gel smells just like the perfume but it has a more sweet smell to it. As for how well this shower gel actually works is a thumbs down you need a lot to get this into a good leather or if you don't use enough half way into showering you will need to apply more. This is not something I would recommend.

What have you recently finished?


  1. It's a shame you didn't get along with the Rocket mascara, it does wonders for my lashes. Been wanting to try a few of the products you mentioned for awhile now :)
    I actually also did an empties post yesterday, if you're interested you can check it out :)

  2. I've finished my maybe liken mascara really recently too, but can't say it was my favourite and not sure about repurchasing - you know when you've found one mascara you absolutely LOVE and no matter how good the others may be, it won't be as good as the other one! Anyway, I've never tried he lush masks before, and it seems like a must try now! Lovely post!


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