Friday, December 20, 2013


[Since this was written I have discovered that this is a FAKE Lime Crime lipstick, please check out my post on How To Spot A Fake Lime Crime Lipstick]

Lime Crime is a company I have wanted to try since I first heard about them. I finally got one of there lipstick and here is my review on it. 

About The Product 
Described by Lime Crime "Bold. Opaque. Recklessly loaded with pigment. For lips that speak louder then words"

I love the shade of this colour it's a berry purple lipstick. I was disappointed because it wasn't as opaque in the photo on Lime Crime's website. It has a lustruous sheen to it which makes it look almost like a gloss. I did have to apply a few stroke of this lipstick to get the desired opaqueness that I wanted. However I do love this lipstick and I have been wearing it often. On the Lime Crime website it says "this shade combines lipstick and lip stain for prolonged wear" I have to say I don't really agree with that I don't think it really stains the lips and it last about an above average amount of time. I do want to try other lipstick from this brand so hopefully I will be getting them soon :)

You can purchase Lime Crime lipstick from there site.

$18.00 US

*Not as opaque as I was expecting 
*Beautiful berry purple lipstick
*Gloss finish
*Last an above average amount of time before reapplying 

Have you tried any Lime Crime lipstick?
Which Lime Crime lipstick should I try next?

[Since this was written I have discovered that this is a FAKE Lime Crime lipstick, please check out my post on How To Spot A Fake Lime Crime Lipstick]


  1. This is a really nice berry shade :) xx

  2. Wow, that colour looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I don't think we have them over here in the UK x

    Jodie Marie, à la

    1. Thanks, you can get them from Beauty Joint. I'm pretty sure they ship to the UK :)

  3. That is a gorgeous shade! I've never actually tried anything from them, but they do have some lipsticks that look interesting.

    1. Yes they do, I recently got there Red Velvet lip gloss I can't wait to try it :)

  4. Oooh, now I want to get this lippie! Looks great on you.

  5. Loved your post, your blog is Wonderful and always come back here to see what's new. Kisses

  6. Sorry to hear that it didn't live completely up to what you were expecting but I really really love that shade on your complexion! I'd buy it for myself too as I'm a huge fan of berry shades! I own coquette from them, it's a flesh toned nude and its no where as glossy at that one and is super creamy and opaque like a foundation cream even!

    1. Thanks :) I still want to try more, and I can't wait to try more from this brand :)

  7. I love the colour but hate the fact it is sheer. Great review tho :)

    Rozlyn P.

  8. Lovely color...suits u so well.
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  9. the color look lovely :)

  10. I just love this lipstick such a gorgeous shade :') perfect for A/W xx

  11. Even though the lipstick didn't completely live up to it's promises, the colour is really unique and it looks great on you!

    xoxo Jackie

  12. Wow! Look at that colour! I've never seen something so gorgeous! x
    Heroine In Heels

  13. ahhh this is a GORRGEOUS colour! I've been dying to get a lipstick/lipgloss from limecrime but I just don't want to deal with shipping lol

  14. it looks lovely on you!!! such a shame that wasn’t as opaque as you expected, but still looks gorgeous on you <3 xxx big hugs xxx


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